6 things you should know before working with children

You have always loved children and you think they love you too. You have always had a hand with them and you never run out of ideas. Children are drawn to you like magnets no matter where you go, from your family gatherings to your hangouts with friends and their little ones. You like children so much that you consider dedicating yourself to teaching or taking care of them to turn your passion into a professional, but do you know everything there is to know to make sure you are on the right path?


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There are many options when it comes to working with children: teachers, child development experts, early care tasks, pediatricians, and child specialists … these are just a few of the careers dedicated to helping the youngest members of the community. the society. But there is a big difference between taking care of children or being good at them and planning an entire career around them. In this sense … how can you know if working with children is the right thing for you?

Working with children can be rewarding, but it is true that not all people can adapt well to such careers because they can be stressful jobs in which the little ones, no matter how much they adore, end up testing you on more than one occasion. So in this article, we’ve rounded up the top 6 things you should know about working with children .



6 things you should always remember when working with children

When it comes to working with children, the first thing to know is that you are never prepared for everything, as they can always surprise you and lead to new and complex situations. However, there are some tips that can help you thrive and do your best every day.


  • Always expect the unexpected

Children are unpredictable and the only guarantee they offer us is that you will never know what to expect. That is why professionals who work with children must be prepared to handle unexpected situations and possible emotional ups and downs that will come with each of those situations. Flexibility will be the key, because there is no perfect plan to carry out when you face such little people. One must think fast and be prepared to adapt to everything and suddenly when working with children.


  • No two children are exactly the same

You might think that once you choose a career related to children, this career will enable you to get it right and do all things correctly, however, it is very likely that this idea will soon lead to frustration. Each child is different and unique, and therefore each child requires a unique way of working , guiding, teaching or even disciplining.

Any professional who works with children must be prepared to change strategies if something does not work for a particular child. There is no established way or pattern to work with children, so the professionals who work with them need to learn a wide variety of techniques with which they will always be prepared to support each child in the most convenient way.


  • Children are active

Sometimes there is a perception that children who cannot stay still misbehave or are affected by hyperactivity disorders, but the truth is that all children are active in one way or another and at different times, and they are exactly as it should be.

Play therapies and those based on movement are forms of work that any professional who works with children should handle, because that is the language that children really understand. Those who are interested in working with children should be able to embrace and understand the constant movement of children and use that activity to offer support and learning opportunities.


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  • Be prepared for difficult situations

Children are the most vulnerable members of society, and this means that those who work with them will often have to witness difficult situations, as childhood also often presents adverse experiences . Some children bring with them anxieties and trauma that professionals are often unprepared to handle.

Those who work with children will not always be able to prevent these situations, but they must be in a position to help, advocate and support children when they need it.


  • Don’t expect instant gratification

Working with children does not bring instant rewards. It takes time and effort to help children learn or change behavior. It’s true that those who work with children can make a difference in their lives, but it’s good not to expect such changes to magically happen overnight. Setting unrealistic goals and expectations can lead to frustration and burnout.


  • You can feel an incredible joy

No matter how difficult it is to work with children, the greatest reward of doing so is being able to see the joy they have and transmit. That’s why all the hard work pays off when a teacher, for example, sees a student’s eyes light up when he understands a complicated concept. Being this source of encouragement for children is often one of the most rewarding parts of the job.

And it is that it is not always adults who teach life lessons, and children can change the way we see things and offer joy and learning experiences to the adults in our lives as well. Working with children is a lifelong learning experience as you will be able to discover new ways of thinking and see things from a child’s perspective, which is priceless. Working with children may not be for everyone, but it can be a rewarding career if you have the heart and skill to nurture the next generation.


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