Ideas to enhance the intelligence of the little ones

One of the most important activities that we can carry out to develop the intellectual abilities of the little ones is, without a doubt, reading . Reading them a bedtime story will gradually open up their capacity for reason and curiosity , increasing their IQs accordingly. But, what can we do as parents to enhance the intelligence of our children? Take note of the simple guidelines that we present below and that it will not cost you to apply at home.


Guidelines to enhance intelligence in the little ones

  • Create a routine with homework. It is very important that children acquire daily routines with respect to their homework and school responsibilities , so it is advisable for parents to establish a time and a suitable place for this, and if possible that this routine of performing school homework can be supported by parents. Adapting your own study spaces , with all the utensils that may be needed, such as notebooks, pens and books well at hand, will be essential to avoid distractions and improve concentration. It is important that the space is cozy and pleasant to encourage relaxation of students and the promotion of interest.  
  • Show interest in their problems. It is very important that parents take an interest in what their children are doing in school, as well as in the different kinds of responsibilities they may have. This interest will be received by the children as a sign of the importance of the activities they carry out or the impact that they could have on their personal and work future. The little ones need to have the support of their parents at all times and feel understood and heard .  
  • Don’t do their job. Sometimes excessive homework tends to lead to stress and fatigue , making it very difficult to achieve the necessary concentration to solve tasks and understand them correctly. Such stress and daily work rhythm makes many parents feel sorry for their children and end up doing homework for them, however, we must remember as adults that this does not help them. Marking and establishing work and study times, as we said before, will be essential so that the little ones can concentrate and not fall into the mistake of leaving everything to the last moment . As a father or mother you must get involved and give tools , but never solve it, much less without the company of the student in question. Encourage your child to sing the multiplication tables for you or to discover the answers to all the questions they have, and in the process, the child will be able to find the necessary motivation to keep going thanks to the invaluable support of their parents.  
  • Chat with your children at home. Children learn to develop their curiosity when they grow up with adults who are also curious and who care about them. When you are with your children, ask questions about what surrounds you at the time , even if they are not too important matters. It is important to forget about TV and to be able to create spaces for dialogue and for understanding and observation. Your children will realize how important they are to you when you see that you can quit your game or your favorite program without any problem, in order to listen to their concerns and be able to talk about anything, substantial or insubstantial.

With these simple guidelines, children will grow up knowing they are important and feeling loved and understood by their parents, which will enhance not only their intelligence and interest in things, but also their ability to relate and share time with others. Isn’t it worth it?

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