If you are regular followers of the Forest of Fantasies, it is likely that you already know Lucía, an early childhood teacher and psychology student who enjoys and seeks surprise and excitement in every day-to-day experience. Lucía has shared with us, and especially with our Facebook group , a lot of school dynamics and activities that attest to her absolute passion for creative learning and the belief in the need for an educational model based on experimentation . in magic and imagination.

We know that there are many and many of you who have welcomed these didactics, and that is why, in today’s article, we want to announce this new path of collaboration that we are going to start together with this excellent teacher and together with her project called Creative Education and Significant .

Starting today, Lucía will be part of our staff of collaborators with ideal activities and dynamics to apply in your classrooms, or even at home with your little ones, and we can enjoy her wonderful videos full of learning techniques and much, much creativity and dose of affection. You can enjoy the videos both on our Facebook page and on their YouTube channel , which we invite you to visit and enjoy as we do. Likewise, you can also find out through our blog how these didactics have been carried out so that you can also put them into practice with ease.




This collaboration involves the union of two worlds and a small group of people who seek to surprise with new, more attractive and fun didactics for children, as well as to make parents, children, teachers and others enjoy through healthy and educational entertainment educational communities.


The Forest continues to grow with new and valuable seeds

Knowing Lucía and her work made us consider the need to start this collaboration, in which not only we will enjoy, but you can also do it in the company of new resources and educational proposals capable of promoting, among many other things, the path to the important world of imagination, culture and creativity. El Bosque de Fantasías bets one hundred percent on talent and, together with our other collaborators, this is proof of our commitment to quality education and leisure.

If you want to know what else Lucía tells us, don’t miss her presentation, which you will now have available on her profile every day on this blog:


Playing and telling stories are the best way to travel to the inner world of children. Playing allows us to glimpse the laws that govern this magical world full of mysteries, which seems to fade into adult life, until we find our way back.

I like to tell and create stories, because it gives us the opportunity to be creative, artistic and to learn and teach everything that we are and want to be. I am an early childhood teacher, a psychology student and I like to be surprised and excited with every day-to-day experience.

And that emotion is absolutely necessary for a creative and meaningful education, which sets the course that I want to follow and share with all those who are trying to find their own path.

Lucia Muñoz Díaz Granados

Creative and Meaningful Education

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