Wild hatchlings

Wild calves are the animals that live in freedom.

  Carnivorous calves

In the savannah there are many wild hatchlings. Nature does everything possible to protect them. Lion cubs, for example, are spotted, unlike their parents. So they can camouflage themselves among the grasses. Also, when their mother goes hunting, other lionesses take care of them.

  Herbivorous hatchlings

Small herbivores are also protected. Baby zebras, wildebeest, antelope, and giraffe still don’t realize the dangers very well. So they do like the adults, and escape at the same time as them. The adult hippos, while bathing, surround the little ones to protect them from the crocodiles.

Baboon pups

Baboons live in groups made up of several families. During the movements, the young hang from their mother’s womb. The little baboon is not yet agile enough to run away from the beasts, but no problem. Mom escapes, holding him tight against her belly.




Escape: is to run as fast as possible. It is also said to stampede in the face of danger.


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