Being a teacher is entering the lives of many children, and maybe you will remain forever in their memory . It is having the opportunity to move something in your soul that inspires you by making you see the world in a different way .

Surprise them and you will stay alive

Don’t let routine take over you and your classes, or the children will end up not seeing or hearing you. Improvise and change the way you address them from time to time. It’s okay to spend a day sharing experiences and talking about something related to the agenda or not. It may seem like we are wasting time but we sure gain trust and attention.

Share readings

Reading a book with them, recommending reading for them but, above all, listening to them when they talk about their tastes in cinema, music and books, will help us get closer to them. It will surely surprise us to learn about their hobbies and desires, and it will be something very positive for the whole class. This way it will be easier to be on the same page and understand them better, and incidentally, they will listen to us when we suggest songs, texts or authors that they do not know.

Encourage them to ask

Curiosity moves the world. Encourage your students to express themselves, to ask questions, to debate and to turn their opinions around. To propose ideas and be a living part of the environment. Let them know that their opinion is valued and is important to everyone. That will make them grow without fear and with confidence in themselves.

Teach them to use their own tools

Do not lead your students by the hand towards the solution, accompany them on the path of their search . Leave the necessary tools on hand and show them how to use them. This will make them self-sufficient and safer.

Get used to thinking

What happens around you, in your city or in the world, through the news, is the excuse to foster a critical spirit . Why things happen? Am I for or against? What opinions do I know? What versions do I get? Discussions can be organized in class that face positions to discover different points of view. Of course, always from respect and coexistence.

Brings theory closer to reality

What they learn can be forgotten, but if we can make them see that it is useful in some way in their life, you can be sure that they will keep it forever. Through outings, excursions, talks, examples, experiments … we can show that nothing is learned in vain.

Give them your positive attitude

You are an example for them, do not hesitate. So if you don’t give up and, in the face of difficulties, you look for the solution by turning the moment around , they will learn to do it too. Seeing that a laugh can end tension and that you don’t always have to go the right way, but that sometimes you have to take a detour and not despair, are invaluable lessons that will relax the student-teacher relationship, making it strong and lasting.

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