How does the birth order influence the personality of the siblings?

Many specialists agree that the place one occupies at birth defines part of our personality. Psychologist Kevin Leman wrote “The Birth Order Book” book in which he explains that the difference between the personality of siblings who share the same genes is in the order of birth.

This theory is not without logic because the treatment of parents towards their children is not the same having one child as having three. And they will not act the same with the first as with the third. Perhaps then we should take as influential the treatment received by the parents rather than the place they occupy at birth.

Be that as it may, we are going to investigate how the personality of the children is supposed to be according to this theory and then each one to decide whether it fits their reality or not. Go for it:

Older brother

Being first is being worthy of the full attention of parents and family. They are the constant experiment and worry. They demand more of them than any of their siblings if they ever have them. This often results in a dominant and perfectionist personality. They take the details into account and prepare everything in advance. They are protective and with their siblings they can be a miniature dad or mom. They say that they are characterized by being leaders and tend to opt for managerial positions where they can lead their own team. It is not difficult for them to take the initiative because they feel safe, although a minimum prudence always conditions them. They are also controllers and find it difficult to twist their arms. They have a great sense of responsibility and believe that they are almost always right.

Middle brother

The latter receive less attention mainly because the former is still in demand and must be shared and also because we no longer run to the pediatrician at the first tenth of a temperature. With the medium parents relax. They already know that nothing happens, that the alarms that were triggered with the oldest were not so bad. The personality of the middle son is conciliatory because he is used to mediating between the older and the younger. They often have many friends who make up for the less attention they receive at home. They wonder what exactly they represent: they are not the baby of the house or the older brother who knows everything and goes ahead. That makes them have a peculiar way of being that leads them to fight for what they want without having so much support. It is easy for them to undertake in any field and in life they will know how to negotiate at any level.

Little brother

Here the level of tranquility of the parents is exceeded. The strict rules almost disappear with the baby of the house. He will go ahead in experiences because on the one hand he will imitate his siblings from a very young age and on the other he will be more pampered and pampered by the family in general. They know from birth that their charm will open all doors for them. He has in common with the first-born the care received so he also feels safe and protected not only by the parents and the family, but also by his siblings. They are characterized by being creative, independent and free. They are the life of the party. They are not complicated. On the negative side they can be manipulative and self-centered.

Only son

They are surrounded by adults so the maturation process is faster. They are smart and resourceful because they are used to playing alone and improvising. They develop as a first-born but taken to the extreme because they have all the care, attention and privileges but without competition. They are usually more comfortable with adults than with other children.

From all this the conclusion is that you know your child better than anyone, so use this information to enhance the qualities that you know your child has so that they can develop fully and positively. And enjoy it very much!

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