The magic of stories and its benefits in children

All of you who are followers of the Forest of Fantasies surely already know our friend and collaborator Pilar Holguín González , a woman passionate about writing and full of tenderness and beautiful things to tell. Born in Cacereña and Madrid adoptive and at heart, Pilar is a faithful defender of the promotion of reading , imagination and creativity in the little ones, known benefits that reading brings to those who enjoy it and values that define above all things to our Forest page. For this reason we do not hesitate for a second to share with you some of their best stories (which you can see on the web in the collaborations section) such as “Daniel’s grandfather”, “The magic coin” or “Mom, don’t turn off the light ”.

In this sense, we are very happy today, because we can give you the good news that Pilar’s stories are already available in physical form in two fantastic books that you can get now to keep in your home library and go to them whenever you want.

As creators of an online educational platform, we know the problems that are often generated when it comes to not being able to access the materials physically, and for that reason, and because of the trust that Pilar placed in our Forest of Fantasies from the beginning , we want to share with you these publications that you can find without problems on platforms such as Amazon.

el mundo de dora


Stories with values and heart

But if there is a story of our collaborator and friend Pilar Holguín that one cannot miss, that is undoubtedly the story of Yago , a small miracle who was detected a cancer a few months after birth , and who has passed his first five years of life in a hospital. Could there be a place less suitable for children than a hospital? The question is difficult and painful to answer, but it is curious how sometimes children have a much greater strength than adults and face the problems of life with much more integrity and without losing hope, and that is the case of Yago, who dreamed from his hospital bed of being a firefighter and the strength of his dreams has allowed him to enjoy his now 6 years at home, in his true home.

Yago’s mother transmitted her son’s experience to Pilar, how the firefighters from Madrid came to visit him, like many other children from the same and other hospitals, and how his desire to become one of them filled him with strength and hopes for getting out of the disease.

Now Pilar tells us her story in the form of a story, Yago wants to be a firefighter (available in the second book “The world of my little heroes”), and hopefully it reaches a lot of people and can become an example of hope and improvement.

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