What is obedience?

Obedience is that value that leads us to listen carefully and to comply with responsibility with all those indications or orders that our parents, relatives or other significant others may give us. Obedience, well taught, is the foundation of discipline and strengthens our bonds with those who are obeyed. From a very young age they teach us to obey, and this is positive since as we grow up, we need limits and directions that serve as guides and allow us to regulate our behavior. It may seem that obeying fits only to the times of childhood and adolescence, but in reality all of us at some point or area of our lives should and need to obey, and that is why obedience is a value so essential. When we are adults, we must obey the instructions of our doctors, our bosses in the workplace, or if we are our own bosses, perhaps we should also attend and obey the suggestions of our clients and / or workers.

Obeying is about complying with an indication , without expecting or asking for anything in return and without having to give much weight to the bond we have with the person who is giving us the order. We obey our parents, teachers, bosses, and many times even our children. For a child to learn to obey, it is necessary that the orders or directions are clear , since children must know what is expected of them and know the reasons why this is expected of them. It is very useful that when a child is learning to obey, we tend to reinforce his positive behavior since he needs to feel motivated and feel that his effort is being recognized. In this way we will see how little by little the children are learning, and what one day began as a behavior to be reinforced, has now become a habit, being able to transfer these experiences to other areas of their lives .

Now, this does not mean that we should teach our children to blindly obey whatever orders others give them, because we will be raising submissive children who in the future will be adults who will not be able to enforce their rights. Obeying is about following rules or directions that we know will be beneficial to us, because they directly or indirectly provide us with some benefit, or because they provide us with guidance or support during our learning process.

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