Living with hope is living happy. We are all born with it: a child can wait days and even months for a surprise or an event; he never loses faith and is not carried away by discouragement. We come with tons of hope to wear at all times. A child is an illusion and from “maturity” we wonder where that little light that inspired us and made us smile was left.

It turns out that hope is easily lost along the way, it is too fragile for this sometimes dark and cold world. We end up being adults who are put down by the first setback that gets in the way. Although we are tired of hearing that a positive attitude attracts good things, we do not chastise. It seems that it is more comfortable to give up, than to have hope and use it to get up.

Now think: do you want your child to be one of those who see everything black almost always or one of those who lives positively, keeping hope in his heart because he knows that nothing is written and everything is possible?

If you would like it to be second, we have good news, and it is that it depends largely on you . So pay attention to these tips so that your child’s hope does not get left behind …

The first thing is to consider hope not as an immovable fantasy, but as an objective to be achieved: the goal to be achieved is set, the strategy to follow is developed and, finally, concentration is maintained until the objective is achieved.

So that the child is prepared in this process we can:

Set an example

If you see us optimistic and with enthusiasm you will be easily infected. We must be as we want him to be. And get up if we fall, that’s life and you should know it. Things are not usually achieved on the first try.

Teach you to be generous

If we help others without expecting anything in return, the child will unwittingly understand that life surprises people who need it, and he will get the positive message of this exchange of happiness. We can help other people with clothes, food or in some specific lack in which we are useful. This will be of great value to the little one. It is essential that you feel a participant in the entire process.

Boost your autonomy

By encouraging him to do things for himself, we will make him a little more self-sufficient every day, thus increasing his self-esteem. If the little one sees that he is capable of taking care of himself, it will be easier for him to trust his possibilities and to have a real illusion.

Look at history

We must bring him closer to characters and historical moments in which hope was essential to get where he wanted. Great men and women who did not lose faith and pursued their dream will also be an inspiring example.

Teach you to listen to your heart

And not to listen to others, especially when they are negative. Your child may have a dream that seems absurd or very complicated at first, but if you stop to think a bit, what do you know if that’s the case? When someone achieves the impossible, normally almost no one bet on him, and even so he has reached where he intended. So encourage and support your child while making it clear that if he does not succeed, nothing happens. You get up and start over with the lesson learned and wiser.

Don’t lose the illusion and they will keep it too. After all, they are the picture of hope, so if you believe in them, it will be much easier.

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