4 tips to avoid making your children feel guilty

Guilt, that terrible burden that we carry since childhood

To move forward it is not convenient to carry weight and to grow as a person, in addition, it is necessary to release ballast. In the society we live in, it is easy for us to unintentionally have burdens that hold us back , that is why as responsible parents we should not add more emotional weight to our children than they will already find without looking for it.

Guilt is the great emotional weight that prevents us from moving, paralyzing us and making us feel the cause of all the misfortunes that surround us, while destroying our self-esteem, transforming us into weak and fearful people.

This feeling of guilt is developed in childhood, taking over our lives, growing as the years go by. Filling our days and making us vulnerable to all kinds of abuse: by not having self-esteem it will be almost impossible for us to say no , and that is the first step so that anyone can step on us and do whatever they want with us.

At this point, you may ask yourself: Do I want my child to become an adult without self-confidence, annulled as a person, without decision-making capacity or will?

The answer is no and the solution is to follow these tips so that you can develop freely and without fear, with all the possibilities of achieving what you set out to do and, also, with the ability to recover if you do not succeed.

Take note of what you should do:

Play down your mistakes

And yours and anyone else’s. Errors are used to know how not to do it next time, errors teach you . Your child should know that making mistakes is wise and that experts have made hundreds of mistakes to become the best. Don’t dramatize if something doesn’t go well. Help him try again.

Always support him

Become his biggest supporter and trust him. Think that this is the best gift you can give him and that he will return it more than once by being by your side.

Don’t forget it’s a boy

And as such he has to live happily and as relaxed as possible. This does not mean that I cannot see you tired, demoralized or sad. In fact, it is convenient for you to know that you are human and that sometimes the days are not very good. But he does not have to carry your worries or feel guilty or overwhelmed by your discomfort at any time. He can see you, help you, cheer you up and hug you, but nothing else. Take the opportunity to get up and instead of worrying or blaming yourself for your problems, learn that “it is allowed to fall but it is mandatory to get up

Teach him to be positive

And to love each other very much. If you value it, he will value himself. Also teach him that life is truly beautiful. Every day has incredible moments and you have to know how to see and enjoy them. For that, as we said at the beginning, you have to be light with emotional baggage and forget about hatred, grudges and, above all, guilt.


It is in your hand to educate them in emotional wisdom, that which forgives others and first of all oneself. Your child will learn and want to be like you.

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