From the moment we are born, we all have the ability to learn through our experiences with the environment that surrounds us. Children learn new things every day, although there are those who need activities to stimulate memory in children , especially in certain cases where they have problems remembering things.

In this article we want to show some tips and exercises to improve memory in children that not only serve to help them learn, but also to be able to remember what they have learned through memory.

Two tips before you start

For memory exercises for kids to be really effective, there are some guidelines to keep in mind. These are two of the most important:

  • The instructions we give the child should be clear and specific , and you have to make sure that they are paying attention. To do this, it is best if you are watching us while we talk to you. So we can see by his expression that he understands us.
  • For the memory to be better exercised, the order is very important . Therefore, in addition to memory exercises for children , a routine must be established in which tasks are carried out systematically. Little by little, these can be changed to further develop memory and include new activities.

Memory games instead of television

Parents are the first to encourage activities to stimulate memory in children of all ages, and for this they have to get involved.

Instead of leaving leisure time in the hands of television, if you want to improve memory and learning capacity, you have to include playful activities such as puzzles, card games and the like , always taking into account the age of the children.

The idea is not to eliminate television completely, but to diversify activities and encourage mental exercise with all kinds of elements that nourish the brain.


One of the most effective exercises to improve memory in children is that of songs . Since the vast majority love to sing, music is an excellent vehicle for reaching memory and enhancing skills that help them remember something.

In addition, with the songs you can create a large number of exercises for memory in children and adolescents. Even adults can get good results if we join certain elements to a melody or a rhythm. And if we also combine it with colors, the brain will be able to memorize much more information and access it in a relatively simple way.


Exercises with objects allow to stimulate concentration, and for this reason they are used when working with memory exercises in children who have some problems in this regard.

Before putting objects in front of them, it is best to give them some tips to stay focused, and use elements with colors and shapes that are very striking. After a short time we remove them and put them back in a different order. Then the child will have to put them in the order in which they were the first time.

This is one of the exercises, but there are many variants that can be used depending on the results and the capacity that is developed with each activity.

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