If you don't have fun teaching… should you quit?

Vocation is the main quality that every good professional has, and education does not escape from that reality. But how do you know if you have the vocation to be a teacher? Well, one of the main ways to know is to attend to the emotions that teaching generates. If you have fun teaching classes, everything will be easier and more pleasant, but if you get anxious and are afraid to speak in public … there could be a problem.

This is the statement made by the great teaching gurus who follow a humanistic model in the educational process, the importance of a positive state of mind when there is a true vocation. And it is that having fun when teaching has a series of consequences that can be very important, both for teachers and for students and the progress of the educational process.


Having fun teaching means …

  • We must be aware that each educational process, depending on the course, has a different focus. For example, in elementary school teachers should be focused on developing values in children, in addition to their own knowledge of that stage. During high school, students must be taught to think, and at university education must be oriented towards specific professions.


  • A teacher must also guide others in their true vocation, teach others for a common good, which is the future of tomorrow’s citizens. Therefore, the task of a teacher has a high degree of responsibility in society. Not only does he have to realize whether being an educator is his true vocation, but he will also be an indisputable reference in the lives of his students when it comes to discovering their own desires and concerns.


vocación de los profesores



  • Teaching with love should also allow us to realize if the student is not grasping the knowledge transmitted well, and to find out if there are other methods more suitable for that particular student. Although each academic grade categorizes students more or less uniformly, always keep in mind that this is a simplistic form of generalization, but it is never real. That student who seems different from the rest is a treasure that can always be polished.


  • Patience and perseverance are inherent values of teaching, and to have fun at the job you have to develop them. And it is that when you have fun, time flies by, each class is a gift and each student’s question is a challenge that motivates you to continue.


  • It also assumes that the teacher’s personal mission merges with his professional mission. His work is not alien to his life, nor is it a sacrifice around it, his profession envelops him in the being that he is.


  • Understand that each student has their own rhythm, a rhythm that must be respected and encourage students to respect it and respect themselves, without comparing themselves, taking offense or feeling little or nothing valued by the development of their own skills.


  • Be present for the students whenever they need it and seek it. Even having fun teaching can mean anticipating their needs.


  • Having fun in each class should be a rule, both for the teacher and for the students. Taking exams that are not overwhelming when correcting is an excellent therapy for teachers, as well as having classes where students have fun is a very beneficial therapy for students.


So now you know, if you don’t have fun teaching maybe you should reflect and look for new methods. It is never late if happiness is good!

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