It is evident that children learn by playing and it is necessary to strengthen the desire to investigate in their environment and, for this, play is a very powerful resource.

Following slogans and rules is a sensitive issue for some children, but living in society implies knowing the rules. It is convenient to make the child aware of the roles and trades of the elderly, trying to avoid sexist stereotypes . It is necessary to always include games in which the child is perceived as effective in his environment.

Awareness of one’s own limitations is a first step towards the formation of self-affirmation in the child, and it is important that self-affirmation is strengthened in games without discrediting others.

From a young age we need to verify that our actions cause an effect in our immediate environment. Taking things with a sense of humor helps to take the drama out of everyday problems, and laughter, playfulness and movement are elements that facilitate relaxation. We all need spaces in which to feel free to laugh, play and develop. Sometimes it is necessary to use relaxation games to teach the child to enjoy themselves, and the good thing about relaxation games is that they seem trivial and yet they contribute a lot to children.

Relaxation games for children

  • Musical painting. We give the child a blank sheet of paper and paintings. The game consists of painting to the sound of the music and with the colors that it suggests. Parents or teachers can vary the type of music to play, they can vary between slow and fast music and remind children to move the pencil or paint to the rhythm of the music.
  • Shared drawings. In this game, the aim is for the child to paint what another child or adult is describing to him, so that he gets to copy a drawing that only the person making the description has in front of him and that the person drawing has not seen. The person who draws cannot modify the instructions given by the person in charge of describing said drawing. At the end, both drawings are compared and it is commented on how the exercise went.
  • That it does not fall. You need an object that can be held in the air with blows or touches (balloons). The game consists of each participant making sure that the balloon does not touch the ground. The person who gets lost and does not keep the balloon in the air loses.
  • Our tale. A participant in the game, usually an adult, begins to tell a story (one or two sentences), the next child or adult has to follow the story with two more sentences. So on until a group story is created.
  • Make you laugh. It is about making the child laugh. He has to stay serious while the other participant in the game has to make faces and things that can make him laugh.

There are countless games to share and put into practice with the little ones in the house. Children love that adults play with them and this is only a small sample of the wide variety of games that we can play with our children. It is not necessary to buy games and more games…, with a little imagination we will be able to entertain the little ones and, above all, stimulate their development, creativity, intelligence, sociability and countless other things.

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