Grandparents never die, they become invisible

Grandparents are an essential part of our life and being lucky enough to have shared our childhood and adolescence with them is something that we will always treasure. That his infinite patience, his eternal smile and his endless pampering accompany us while we grew up is priceless, and undoubtedly makes us better people.

In our memory is her delicate wrinkled skin and her funny stories . With them we learned perhaps to play cards or to attach a button to clothes, little tricks of a lifetime and home remedies for colds, to make delicious cakes, how to take care of plants … But, above all, to see life from another perspective, a wiser and more generous one. They taught us what life was like before we knew it and this is an invaluable lesson that we will cherish as the years go by.

That is why grandparents never leave completely and they always live in us. Its imprint never disappears, since it is transformed into memories that grow a little more inside us with each passing day.

They are usually the first loss we suffer. It is very important to be close to our children, whether they are children or adolescents, and when this happens, talk to them about death, going to books that will guide us in this matter if necessary. Calm, sincerity and a lot of love are the key to help them face this moment, inevitably painful and empty.


We must learn to greatly value the legacy of affection that our grandparents leave us. In a generally cold and materialistic world, they show us how to give hugs and to look with the greatest love that exists. To give without expecting anything in return, to observe bugs, blow bubbles, count clouds, explore photo boxes, wander aimlessly, even to understand and know our parents better. We carry that heritage with us and it will give us shelter and warmth when we need it. In the hardest moments of life, remembering our grandparents, their advice and their special way of loving us, will be a balm.

Those hidden chocolates or letting us watch TV until late, white lies in which we were accomplices in front of our parents and that will become recurring anecdotes when we want to feel good and, above all, understand the behavior of our own children. In my opinion we could imitate certain ways of acting that our grandparents had with us with our little ones: being patient, loving and great conversationalists. Remembering how we were when we were children makes us better parents.

You see, a grandfather leaves a trace on his grandchildren forever , it is part of his character and even unintentionally helps him to educate his children between laughs, games and tickles.

Encourage your children to have contact with their grandparents and do not be too strict with the rules. Do not forget that the fun in that relationship is skipping the routine and let them be very happy together for as long as they can.

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