Symptoms of stress in children and how to prevent it

The symptoms that appear to them must be seen as if they were a “spy”, since children keep them to themselves by not recognizing what is happening to them.  

Symptoms of stress

  • State of depressed and irritable with signs of bad mood.  
  • Loss of interest in doing things and activities, apathy, and decreased pleasure in daily activities.
  • Inability to enjoy activities that we used to like and were gratified by.
  • Changes in appetite, usually loss of appetite but sometimes increased appetite.
  • Weight changes (unintentional weight gain or weight loss)  
  • Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep (insomnia) Excessive daytime sleepiness  
  • Tiredness, difficulty concentrating and making decisions.

If these symptoms last for several weeks and above all they cause difficulty to cope, you should seek treatment and consult the doctor that suits you best.  

Win the battle against stress

Playing is a very useful activity to combat stress, both for parents and children. We give you some practical ideas of activities that reduce this state of health. In order to make this whole state go away, it is easy to follow a series of games that will help prevent the cravings that come from the children’s diary.

  • Laugh together:   Laughter is the best of therapies to combat all types of mood. You have to have time to “clown” for a while every day. Sing silly songs, read stories, poems, jokes.  
  • Physical activities:   Promoting the spirit of improvement in the child is important so as not to fall into the daily routine. So make sure your child has time for active games every day, running, riding a bike, playing ball, etc. they are good exercises to develop physical activity and to relieve stress.
  • Break papers:   You have to be permissive and the children have fun tearing up old newspapers as they want. They can throw paper balls on all sides, since the balls are soft and cannot cause them any damage. Join your child in this entertaining game.  
  • Paint with the body:   Choose a table from home and place a plastic, old newspapers, rags, or any other material that does not matter that it gets dirty. Cover the table. Give him white paper and finger paints. Using their hands, elbows, fingers or any other part of the body, children have a lot of fun with paintings and become uninhibited about anything that makes them nervous.
  • Plasticine games:   This type of game is proven to be very entertaining for children as they form objects and figures. Squeezing the dough is a good way to reduce stress.

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