Carnival and its rites: what do you do at carnival?

During the carnival, people dance and parade through the streets.

The carnival in the world

Carnivals exist in many countries. During these festivals, thousands of people dress up and use masks to parade, and there is also dancing and singing in parades full of decorated floats. Musicians and dancers enliven this celebration with dances and colorful groups. In some areas of Europe, such as Spain, curious giant and big-headed characters join the carnival. In other areas, such as Santa Cruz de Tenerife, contests are held for the best costume and the best float.

The ancient origin of Carnival

The carnival comes from ancient times, where people already dressed up and organized parties in honor of spring or nature. In the Middle Ages, for example, the so-called Fiesta de los Locos allowed everyone to play a role hidden under their mask. But the carnival that we know has been frequently associated with the Christian religion, and the reason is that it is a celebration prior to Lent, considered a time of recollection and penance in memory of Jesus Christ and the days he spent in the desert.

The best carnivals

The success of carnivals such as Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, or Venice in Italy, is internationally known for the majesty and the number of people who participate. Thousands of people around the world flock to these places to enjoy the music and the color of their streets! Although others such as Cádiz or Tenerife are also very famous and benchmarks in Spain.


Celebrations : The celebrations are activities and games that are organized during the festivities of some place and for different reasons.

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