Every year, as the end of the school year approaches, many parents wonder what will happen on that day, because children have a lot of free time throughout the summer and parents cannot always combine their jobs with these school holidays. This dilemma makes many moms and dads consider the idea of a summer camp as a more than plausible option, since in addition to taking up time in them, the camps allow the learning of different disciplines and / or the practice of numerous activities sports, while expanding other aspects that are equally beneficial for children, such as enjoying free time or making new friends.

The camps represent an educational model that is much more adjusted to current needs, further removed from the traditional educational system, little or not at all adapted to experimentation or teamwork. And this makes it possible, precisely, that the little ones can continue learning during the summer season, without hardly noticing, in the company of other children, of other new spaces, and away from the usual learning activities, such as daily homework. which are set by many teachers to perform at home.

At present, the need to return to outdoor play seems to have also been valued, something forgotten in recent decades as a result of the rise of technology and other forms of leisure and recreation, such as video games. A form of play and healthy activity for which summer camps have always advocated, magnificent and ideal settings for that practice of outdoor and team play that can bring so many benefits to a child for their present and future life experience .


20 benefits a camp can bring

  • Development of self-esteem.
  • Enhancement of self-confidence.
  • Promotion of respect for others.
  • Promotion of physical activity.
  • Education in values.
  • Outdoor learning.
  • Learning everyday tasks.
  • Sense of organization.
  • Compliance with standards.
  • Collective learning.
  • Fostering companionship.
  • Sense of friendship.
  • Development of sociability.
  • Fight and conquer shyness.
  • Promotion of healthy play.
  • Learn to share with others.
  • Development of creativity.
  • Search for solutions to problems.
  • Development of the sense of independence.
  • Development of the sense of freedom.


Things to keep in mind

We must bear in mind that, although a summer camp can bring many benefits to a child, the truth is that it may be the case, especially if we are faced with a shy girl or boy, that they do not want to go to any. Not forcing them to carry out an activity that is not desired is of vital importance, but as adults we can do a lot so that these camps arouse the curiosity and interest of the little ones and they go, little by little, shedding the negative idea or fear they have towards them.

In this sense, in addition, there are also summer camps that do not require the child to leave home for days, since they are held in the middle of the city and for only a few hours, which can be a good idea so that the most introverted children can make friends and discover the great moments that a camp can offer them.

This type of summer activities will not only help parents to balance their agendas during the summer holidays, but also help children enjoy their free time and learn, gradually moving away from the habitual attachment of the little ones to their parents, and acquiring that independence and that sense of freedom that is inherent in life, and that will be so useful to them as they grow older.

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