10 Keys for your children to recover failed subjects

Accompany your children in the process

The term is over and your son has failed. First of all, we must remain calm , dramas are not necessary nor will they contribute anything. Remember that your child needs you to be encouraged to transmit the strength he needs to face the challenge of passing what is failed in the quarter.

We are not going to downplay the importance of failing, but let us be clear that the world is not ending or the future is at stake for not passing some subjects a course. Yes, it is important to organize an action plan especially so that it does not happen again.

Most failures happen because not enough is studied and that is what we have to remedy by instilling good study habits . But let’s go in parts, let’s focus on the new school term and face with all the courage and confidence in our children the challenge that this implies. Surely with these keys we will be victorious and we will make them start the quarter with more confidence and self-assurance.


  • It is very important to prepare an appropriate place for the study . It should be quiet, cozy, comfortable and it is even convenient for you to be near us in case you have to resolve any questions or simply feel accompanied and supported.
  • Determine the work schedule and adhere to it. Preferably in the morning avoiding the intense heat and leaving the day free to enjoy and relax. Establish the hours that are necessary according to the number of subjects that have been suspended. If there are many, you have to give small breaks between hours.
  • It is essential to comply with both the schedules and the rules that have been previously established. It is convenient to do it with them reaching a consensus, putting it in writing and even signing it so that there is a firm commitment and it is more difficult to back down.
  • Accompany them in carrying out their tasks . It’s good that mom and dad take turns. Getting involved will motivate them more.
  • You also have to agree on what you lose if you do not comply with the agreement.
  • You are their role model. Keep it in mind and be responsible with your commitments .
  • Be realistic, if you can not help or you are overwhelmed by work or doubts, hire a private teacher .
  • Review work, homework. Make outlines and summaries . Review, ask… take an interest in everything he is doing. Correct the exercises and suggest if you think he can do something to improve.
  • It is his obligation to make up assignments because his “job” is school, so don’t reward him for finishing his homework.
  • Value their efforts , encourage them to continue, motivate them and be proud of their achievements and progress. Let him feel that he is doing well and that you know it perfectly. If you feel stimulated, you will perform much more and surely everything will be easier.


So … if this is your case, get going. Go ahead and sit down with your son or daughter quietly and start with everything. It can also be an excellent opportunity to get closer and share an important project, which will unite you even more.

Let’s get started!

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