The Orthographic Hospital: dynamics to work in class

Introducing new and attractive dynamics for the little ones is something fundamental today, since teachers face a generation of children and young people already so accustomed to new technologies that it is difficult to make them be surprised or interested in just anything. This means that the traditional classes, of endless theoretical lessons and notes, no longer work, and that it is necessary to innovate and bring back the attention of the students.

For this, projects, dynamics , active breaks … a whole series of resources that in the Forest of Fantasies we have claimed many times are very important and that we also share and work with great enthusiasm, as you can see on our Children’s Games page. .



But today we want to talk to you about a teacher from Valladolid (Spain) with a name and surname: Verónica Duque. Verónica recently appeared in the Spanish press on the occasion of a very funny and interesting resource that she used to teach human anatomy to her students . The resource consisted of the use of a mesh anatomy disguise , which she put on herself, with the drawing of each of the parts of our body inside, with organs and muscles. A very original idea that caused a sensation among the students and also among the parents, who were very satisfied with such a fresh and original educational technique.

Today Verónica is in the news again with another very interesting dynamic called “the orthographic hospital”, which we will talk about below.


Orthographic Hospital: a dynamic to work on spelling in class

This activity is very simple, and consists of making a board with characteristics or drawings reminiscent of a hospital, such as red crosses and a series of lockers. Said lockers will be divided into minor injuries, moderate injuries, serious injuries … and in them it will be necessary to paste or write the word that the children have misspelled during an exercise or school task. Depending on the severity of the misspelling, the words will stay in the hospital for more or less time.

This dynamic can be a perfect complement to the language course , but it can also be used permanently in the classroom and applied in any subject or discipline in which children have to write and show their skills and knowledge about the language.



Once again, with this activity, the teacher Verónica Duque , from the María Teresa Íñigo de Toro School, wanted to attract the attention of her students and she has succeeded, for the better. Verónica is an example of how innovation in teaching materials and resources is absolutely necessary , and the proof is that her activities have triumphed on social media and have been applauded by both students, parents and other teachers.

It seems that we are increasingly aware that education needs “a turn of the page” because times change and generations change, and today’s students no longer live in a world like the one they did decades ago, nor are they interested or stimulated with the same things. That the entire educational community is aware, in addition, of said need, will undoubtedly help education to be energized and renewed in the best way , which is undoubtedly with ideas and novel proposals that impress us and leave us with our mouths open.

Learning can and should be interesting and fun, and teachers like Verónica help us prove it day after day.


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