Easter day is approaching and it can be a very good occasion to celebrate with the little ones, at school or at home, doing a whole series of activities and educational games based on the Easter theme .

Don’t miss out on all the ones we propose!





13 games to enjoy Easter with the little ones


  • We do science with eggs

The activity can begin with a conversation with the little ones about the parts of the egg: the shell, the membrane, the albumin, the yolk and the germ spot. Then break some eggs into a plastic container and find all the parts. Also try some simple egg experiments, like spinning an egg to find out if it’s raw or cooked. You can also try floating an egg in plain water and then in salt water (salt water makes the egg float).


  • Who is hiding there?

Make a large egg out of cardboard or rubber and each day hide an image of a different animal under it. The mechanics of the game will consist of giving clues to the children about the animal in question and asking them to guess it. Whoever gets the most animals right wins.


  • Egg, egg, what do you have inside?

Put several small objects in different plastic eggs to fill. Cover them and place them on a tray. Then encourage the children to shake the eggs and listen carefully to the sound of each one. The objective will be to try to find out what is in each one.


  • Surprise eggs

If you are a teacher, send each child home with a plastic toy or crafts egg and the following note: “Dear parents, your child is bringing home an activity that requires your participation. Your child received an empty “surprise” egg and needs to do the following with you: 1) find a single object to put in the egg; 2) have your child tell you three clues about the object and write the sentences on the clue sheet; 3) put the clue sheet and the egg in a plastic bag and take it back to school. ”

Below is the clue sheet that must be completed with the date of the day:


TRACK # 1 _________________________________

TRACK # 2 _________________________________

TRACK # 3 _________________________________

Child’s Name: ____________________________





  • The Jumping Easter Bunny

Materials needed: 1 Easter basket (a light, deep basket will work best); 1 dozen refillable plastic eggs; 1 bunny ears headband (you can make or take a white headband and attach 2 pink “ears” made of paper or fabric); 1 children’s song or album that talks about bunnies.

How to play the game: all the children stand in a large circle. Choose a child to be the “Easter Bunny.” This child will put on the “ears” and get the Easter basket that will be filled with plastic eggs. While the record or tape is playing, the “Easter Bunny” will jump into the circle of children and distribute the eggs. When a child receives an egg the Bunny joins him to jump in the circle. The bunny will continue to hand out eggs and the recipients will join in until the music ends. If the Bunny passes all the eggs before the song ends, the Bunny and the egg owners will keep jumping until the music ends.

Kids love to play this game and it’s great for practicing the gross motor skill of jumping .


  • The forbidden number

In this game all players must sit in a circle. The players below will take turns counting the numbers successively: 1, 2, 3, 4…. Then when the number seven is reached, the player in turn should say “I love the Easter bunny” instead of seven. When you make a mistake and say the prohibited number instead of the magic phrase, you will be eliminated. Play will continue until only one player remains to be declared the winner. If speed and dynamism are added to this game, as the turns progress, the laughs will be totally guaranteed.


  • Flying bunnies

To carry out this game you will need 10 rabbit figures made of strong paper or cardboard, and can be played individually or in teams. To begin, it will be necessary to cut 10 rabbits out of paper about 8 cm in size. Each rabbit will have to leave a tab of about 3 or 4 cm at the bottom, so that the rabbits can hold themselves once the tabs are bent. The rabbits should then be placed in a long line on the ground and each child will be placed in front of them on their knees or squatting to see how many rabbits they can pull with a single blow.


  • Guess, guess … how many parts are there?

This game is very simple, ideal for young children, and consists of thinking of a random number and asking the following question: “How many ears does the bunny have? Or how many legs does the bunny have? ” This simple game supports many variations and is usually a good mechanism for preschool children to become familiar with numbers and to learn to count.


  • Easter Egg Baskets

Make straw baskets or make them out of cardboard and mark a number on the front of each one. You will also need a series of plastic eggs or decorated boiled eggs, which will be the ones that the children or students, in turn, must place in the basket according to the number that they put in the basket that they receive.





  • The bunny parts

Make outlines of empty rabbit heads. The game will consist of the children filling in all its parts little by little. You will need: a white head, two white ears with pink inside and two eyes of any color. The nose can be a black circle in a pink oval with drawn black whiskers. The mouth a black smile with two big white teeth … etc. You can also make a bow tie for each rabbit or a tie. The object of the game is to make a complete bunny face using a dice. For each number that comes out to each player, they can choose to add more parts to the bunny. For example, if a two comes up, they can put a nose and an eye on it, and so on. You will have to keep rolling the dice until all the children complete their bunny and whoever does it first wins.


  • What is it? Sing and see!

For this game you will need enough plastic eggs for each child in the class or house. In each egg you will have to put a small animal or plastic insect, such as a fish, a snake, a turtle, an ant … whatever is easier to get. Then a circle will be formed and each child will be given an egg that they must secretly open. Then the adult or child chosen for this should begin to sing: “one egg, two eggs … what kind of egg?” and without missing a beat, the child who is asked must answer: “an egg that jumps”, “an egg that crawls”, “an egg that chirps” … etc. You should continue singing at a good pace until all the children have discovered their egg to the rest of their classmates.


  • Each couple with their sound

Put the same object in two or more eggs and then put them in boxes or egg cups. Let the children, in turn, open them to find the partner. Each mistake made will lose the turn of the game. This activity is very simple and fun and its mechanics are the traditional ones of card games and matching figures. The search for the couple can be done by opening the eggs (and closing them again and placing them in the same place if it has not been successful) or through sounds.


  • Put the tail to the rabbit

This game is ideal for developing gross motor skills , as it will consist of children running around a yard or playground at their own pace. One will be in charge of putting the tail of the rabbit to any partner who catches, who will then take their turn. You can use a piece of cloth with a cotton ball and tape to stick.


We assure you a happy vacation or school farewell in the company of these fun games. They will have a great time!

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