The growth of bullying and bullying today is very bad news. It is likely that there are no more cases in reality, but new technologies make them much more striking, that they expand, that they are published … and that they reach the news, making us part of a world that does not seem to change in terms of empathy and education.

Most bullying situations take place in schools, but the fact that our world has become so dependent on technology also means that this data is being modified, with social networks now being one of the favorite and most used scenarios by children who bully. Consequently, we should reflect and be aware that we are all responsible to some extent for these things to happen. Social networks are exposing our worst fears, those that indicate that a school is not directly responsible for a child being bullied, since education is something that should be carried out at home.

If a child has been educated from birth under such thick pillars as generosity, understanding, tolerance and peace , it will be very difficult for said child to end up being attracted to situations of violence or encountering amusing scenes of intimidation and / or humiliation exerted on other people. This does not mean that parents are one hundred percent responsible for the behavior of their children, but we must be very careful with the values that are instilled in the family, since the future of children and many of their experiences in the family will depend on them. life.


The importance of educating in empathy and the power of self-esteem

Sometimes the things we say to children may seem unimportant, however, they grow up observing how much we do and listen carefully to their parents’ advice and opinions, assuming they are correct. Because what else can a child do but trust their parents? We must not forget that children are defenseless and moldable beings who depend entirely on their parents for any little step they take in life … and consequently, as adults, we owe them the greatest respect and a careful effort to give them the best education and the best possible example. It is evident that it is not an easy task, and that external factors such as school or the relationships they have with other children also intervene, but these influences will never be as important as that of the family, since it is the basis of what everyone we are like people for better and for worse.

That is why we must be very vigilant in the way we speak , take care of violent or disrespectful behavior , and always ensure a healthy, tolerant and calm environment . For example, if our son is pushed by another child and when he comes into our arms we tell him that he was a “bad boy” or that he should push him back, we will be educating our son in violence and giving him a terrible example of civility. Obviously no one wants their children to suffer indiscriminate attacks or violent shoves, but what if it is our child who one day has this behavior? Would parents suggest hitting our child accordingly? Surely not. And this is precisely the key to empathy , being aware that we can all make mistakes and not transmit values and behaviors that we do not want for ourselves.

contra la violencia

In the same way words and phrases such as “you have to be the best”, “you are a loser”, “crying is soft”, “snitch” or “defend yourself”, among others, should be immediately eliminated from the vocabulary of any parent or mother And it is that language is vital for the little ones, as they gradually acquire the vocabulary that makes it up and associate it with certain situations and the world that surrounds them in general. Therefore, if a child grows up with the conviction that the word “snitch” suggests something bad, he will never dare to share with his parents that he has been bullied, because he will believe that doing so is something negative.

Watching and not making fun of the highly recommended parental control filters in terms of technology is another fundamental responsibility, since preventing children and young people from accessing certain spaces and information that are not appropriate for their age will also avoid misuse that It ends up being done by people who have not yet completed their growth and maturity process as to properly discern what is a joke from what is not, or what is good and what is not so much.

Ultimately, parents must take responsibility for the education of their children one hundred percent and refer other issues to teachers, such as responsibility for their safety and / or their learning. Because growing well and doing it in a world without conflict is an arduous task that involves all of us.

I love all. Super! Congratulations and thank you for giving us all those tips and tricks for raising our children.

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