Counting is one of the most useful skills that the child will learn in his life, it will help him in practically every moment of the day and he will understand concepts as much or little, he will know if he needs more or less and also how much is enough. All of them essential to live.

At school they teach him to count and we can reinforce it in many ways, in fact we can make it so that just by hearing us count every day, he learns the numbers and it is easier for him to assimilate their meaning.

These are some of the fun ideas that we can use to make numbers become another game in the house:


1. Count almost everything

It may seem exaggerated but it will be a lot of fun if we put a little imagination into it. These examples come to mind:

  • Counting blocks while making towers, how many will the tower go without falling?
  • Count baskets, or if we are very bad at shooting, count the times we miss ūüėČ
  • Count all the clouds we see while we are saying what they look like. Imagination and numbers hand in hand.
  • Count how many dogs we meet on the street; If there are not many, we can count the red cars that are passing by and they can count the white ones. Let’s see who reaches the highest number …


2. Sing numbers

There are many songs that help to enumerate, such as “An elephant swayed …” You have to look for more, learn them and sing it has been said. It is a great way for the child to assimilate the numbers and their order, with music everything is easier.

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3. Hobbies

There are many that contain numbers and force them to be organized, for example, ordering a sequence of images: 1-the egg, 2-the chick, 3-the rooster … The child associates the images with the number and memorizes it without much difficulty. Also the classic of joining the numbered points to form a figure is very entertaining.

4. Use your hands

The simplest thing is to have a box or container and a set of objects that children can easily manipulate (cars, badges, large buttons, macaroni). We will play that they put them all in at the same time they count them, then they take them out the same, then they introduce only half and so on as we think of.

5. With cards or chips

There are many games with this type of material in which the number comes and a drawing with the quantity that the number represents. They are very useful and can be shuffled and then ordered correctly or collect as many objects as the card that we are selecting indicates. We can also “read” them and count the objects that are represented. Children like them very much and their memory associates pictures with numbers, so they are really effective. And in addition to the numbers we can observe with them the colors, the drawings and the differences between them.

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