The ecosystem

The ecosystem is the organization of life on Earth.

Balance in danger

The ecosystem is a fragile balance of life on Earth. Each animal lives in an environment to which it is closely linked: it is its biotope. If it is modified, the animal can disappear. Thus, a species of monkeys can become extinct because the forest in which it lives has been cut down.

Study to protect

Ecology seeks to reduce the threats that weigh on the ecosystem: pollution, deforestation, intensive fishing, etc. An example: many birds disappear because they can no longer find the insects they feed on, eliminated by the chemicals used in the crops.

The food chain

What is the food chain? The plant is eaten by a herbivore, which in turn is eaten by a carnivore. And so on. If a species in the chain disappears, its predator disappears as well. That is why it is important to protect endangered species.




Ecology : it is the science that studies the living conditions and the environment in which species live.



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