The problem of deforestation

Deforestation is avoided by replanting green spaces.

  Destroyed forests

Man constantly destroys forests to sow fields, build roads, and harvest wood. In Europe, forests are also threatened by the development of cities. To compensate, new forests are replanted. In France, for example, forests still occupy a quarter of the territory.

Green belts

Authorities buy land with trees to protect them. In some cities “green belts” are created where forests are recovered. Reforestation programs are launched in many European countries every year.

Plant a tree

You live in the city? Do you want to have your own tree? Pick a chestnut in autumn and put it in a pot with compost. Keep the soil moist but not soggy, well exposed to light. Soon the shoots of a chestnut will appear. When your tree is 30cm, put it on the balcony or window.




Compensating: is to restore the balance between two things. Forest destruction is offset by replanting trees.


evitar la deforestación


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