Useful tips for reading stories to our children

That reading stories to your children is important for them and for you, surely you already know. And yes, indeed, it is a great way to share your time with them as well as instilling in them the love of reading, which is culture and freedom , two of the best gifts you can give your children to face life and know how to be happy. daily.


Anyone can read a story, but there are some tips that you should know if you want to make it more entertaining and beneficial for the little one. They are very simple, the only requirement is to feel like it, take note !:


  1. No hurry

When you go to read with your child you have to be calm and without looking at the clock. The best time to do this is when you go to bed, although you can read at any time. However, at night reading will relax you and it is easier for us to disconnect.


  1. Patience

Surely the child will ask us the same thing a hundred times even when we read the story that he knows by heart … Well, you have to answer him as if he had never asked. It is his routine, his logic and his way of interacting with us and with history. He is learning and is interested in what you tell him. Can you ask for more?


  1. Dramatize the story

Unleash your ability to interpret, give the characters a voice, raise and lower the tone as you see fit. Imitate noises, sounds… pay attention to make it much more fun: ask him how things sound or invite him to be a character. Taking into account that from the age of 2 you can start to see simple books with him (even earlier, it depends on each child) you yourself will see how your child is progressing and what you can ask him. The goal is to participate and have fun together.


  1. Respect their tastes

If you want to read the same book that already bores you, do it and look for new details: who wrote it, what colors it has, read it from the end to the beginning, invent alternatives to the story … And once you have read the old favorite, you can introduce new ones stories so that you can vary and see other options.


  1. Enjoy the moment like him

This is perhaps the most valuable of all that we have said and that is that you enjoy, that you have a great time reading, looking for new stories in the library, observing his face of astonishment and pride when you learn the details of each page. Time flies by and you will miss these moments, so make yourself comfortable and read.


To finish, as always, we recommend visiting a nearby library where we can see new titles every week and borrow the ones we like the most; give away books on birthdays or any other occasion and make a reading corner for our son at home, where he has his favorite stories to enjoy whenever he wants, yes, also alone.

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