The importance of hobbies that teach how to live

importancia de los pasatiempos Young children are naturally curious. They discover the world little by little, and they want to learn everything that they know that surrounds them but that they still do not fully understand. That is why they are fascinated by all those things that hit their little minds shaking things as important as their creativity, their imagination or their laughter . In this sense, certain literary constructions influence, such as tongue twisters and riddles. In the case of tongue twisters, the use of repetition and rhyme makes them feel like part of a game in which the one who first ties his tongue loses, a game as simple and fun as waging a war of glances and lose the one who first laughs.

These types of activities are seen by children as a game, but the truth is that they are part of learning and have many benefits for them. Even in the case of those children who still cannot speak, much less read, reading this type of text can provide them with multiple benefits, such as activating their minds and their ability to imagine and dream beautifully .


Riddles: a great challenge for the little ones

The use of the riddle as an educational and learning resource is very positive, since it means for the little ones to face a challenge for their intelligence and for that learning that they are doing in the world. Young children, and unlike many people when they grow up, are aware that knowing things is very important and vital, and that is why they do not tremble when raising their hands to give their answer to the challenge, whether they are correct or not.

Riddles are an intellectual activity that can be based on a multitude of different topics, capable of awakening ingenuity, expanding vocabulary, awakening knowledge, and amusing and entertaining people of any age.

Word games do not go out of style and they have been for centuries and centuries, as they were passed through different generations and from father to son, thanks to the tradition of culture and popular and oral literature .

That is why it should not be forgotten today, despite new technologies, that the simplest things in life are often the key to our growth and our intellectual and cultural development.

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