Attention is one of the most important mental functions, since without it the harmonious and full development of the child would be impossible. The development of attention occurs from birth, therefore, it is important that it be stimulated from the first months of life.

It is not difficult to develop attention in a young child, we just have to create a favorable environment around and communicate and interact with him as many times as possible.

To facilitate this process we have compiled a few games that will surely be of use to you.


Games to work attention with the little ones

  • Chameleon (Game objective: development of attention and concentration).

First, it is explained that the chameleon is a lizard that can disguise itself in other colors, depending on where it is, to hide from its enemies and that way they cannot find it. So we can ask the child: what color will the chameleon turn if it sits on a red floor, on a yellow stone or on a chess board?

If we see that the child responds quickly, we can give him a more complicated challenge without saying, of course, the color of the object. For example: on top of a crocodile, on a tree …, etc.

  • Who hears better? (Goal of the game: development of auditory attention).

An adult stands in one corner of the room and the children in the other. Then the adult begins to whisper words under his breath, for example: “I have a toy robot!” Each of the children will repeat what they heard. If we see that none of them are right, we try again by raising the tone of voice a little more.

  • Word pairs (Game objective: development of attention and thinking).

A child is offered alternately to name two animate and two inanimate words. For example: “air” – “water”; “Chicken” – “dog” … Variants are selected according to the age and individual characteristics of the children.

Game options:

  1. Name one inanimate word and two animated words.
  2. Name several categories: one piece of furniture, two animals, three plants.
  3. Name two numbers and three geometric shapes.
  •   Imitate the animal (Game objective: stimulate attention, learn quickly and imitate what we hear).

Children should simulate a characteristic of an animal, for example: by saying “rabbit”, children can start jumping; with the word “horse”, they can pretend to gallop; With the word “crab,” they can pretend that their hands are pincers; with “bird” that are flying, etc.

  • What have you seen? (Game objective: to develop the children’s ability to look and remember what they see, activate attention and visual memory).

We place a card or paper with an image or any figure in front of the child. You will need to watch it for 5 seconds, and then we will flip the image so that you can no longer see it. Then we ask that on another sheet of paper he draws what he has memorized saying what it is.

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