7 questions to improve dialogue with your child

When our children come back from school they surely have many anecdotes and interesting things to tell but they are not always able to express it voluntarily. Therefore, to help them, we have to take into account what and how we ask things .

Through these 7 simple questions , we can teach them to think independently and help them be open with us.


7 questions to improve the conversation with your children after school

What is the most interesting or incredible thing that happened to you today?

We always make the mistake of asking our children general questions like: how has your day been? And, as is normal, children do not know how to answer these general questions well, or they simply answer right or wrong.

It is better to ask what is the most incredible thing that has happened to you during the day, since that way we can link with other topics and we can learn more details.

What have you done at school today?

Through this question we will know what their day and activities have been in the classroom, as well as their relationship with the school and teachers.

What have you done with your friends today?

Here you will find out who their friends are and how they treat and relate to your child. In addition, you will find out if there is a problem with a classmate or if there is a bullying situation.

What has made you smile the most?

The spirit of humor is something you should never miss, so asking about what was funny or laughing during the day will grow your personality and sense of humor.

What is it that has made you sad?

We must also put ourselves in the opposite case to know if it is exposed to some kind of problem, that way we can teach it to avoid it.

What have you learned today?

Learning is not limited only to the syllabus of the subjects, it can be new words, songs, playground games…, every day there are opportunities to learn something new.

What would you like to do tomorrow?

We will learn what your future concerns are and help you plan the day.


All these strategies to improve the attitudes. Skills of what we do

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