The mirage effect

A mirage is a joke that light and heat play on you.

the magic of the light

Imagine that you are walking in the middle of the desert, where the sun is hotter. You die of thirst. Suddenly, in the distance, you see a small lake filled with clear, cool water. You run to him … and he’s gone! The light has played a trick on you. Between you and the lake was an area of very hot air that has deflected the light. Actually, it is the reflection of the very blue sky on the sand that has made you see that beautiful lake. It is as if they have placed a mirror on the sand.

Mirage in the street

In summer, when the city is very hot, you may have the impression that there is water and waves dancing in front of your eyes on the sidewalk. It is the same phenomenon as in the desert. Have you never seen it? If so, pay close attention the next time it’s really hot.

Mirages in the sea

In the Arctic Ocean, at the North Pole, many sailors have said that they had come across a castle in the water with its battlements, its keep, its drawbridge and its turrets. This mirage that the sailors saw is known as the mirage of Fata Morgana or the Fairy Morgana.


Optical illusion : It is a light effect that makes you see something that does not exist or that deforms it

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