Summer is one of the best times to seek stimulation and interest in reading in those children who have more problems with concentration or more difficulties in finding the habit of reading attractive.

These are some of the tips that we can apply in summer if we want the little ones to find in books a place where they can take refuge and have fun while learning new and interesting things.


Tricks to get children interested in reading

  • Think about the interests of the child and look for books with themes similar to those of their favorite movies: pirates, princesses and knights, heroes, intrepid archaeologists …
  • Look for classic film titles that have their version in a book or vice versa and show the little ones that the best stories of all time and that they like so much have come out of books.
  • Play games at home that consist of recreating with signs and faces of all kinds, but without talking, book titles that are at home or that each of you like the most and that others have to guess. Like the traditional movie game, with this book game you will test your interest in culture and reading by encouraging participation and competition. The more titles that are known … the more chances of winning.
  • Prepare little theaters at home with costumes and decorations of all kinds by interpreting a specific book, for example, Peter Pan.
  • Play the exquisite corpse together, a very fun game that consists of inventing a starting phrase and continuing it each player with another phrase even more witty and fun … whatever you can think of. Once the game is over, you will have to read the result of the story that has been created and surely the result will give for a good laugh.


Summer vacations are a good time to stimulate interest in reading, since in this way children will be able to associate the idea of reading with their favorite time of the year, making the habit of reading an indispensable and highly entertaining activity. and not a burdensome burden or obligation associated with school and homework.

At the same time, being able to carry out reading-related family activities will surely arouse the interest of the little ones, making them know that the next time they approach books again they know that it is something very enriching and precious.

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