The corner of calm to handle tantrums in children

The calm corner is a space that can be built at home or at school to help children, from a young age, learn to manage their emotions of anger or tantrums. It is a didactic space that can be built between parents, teachers and the child himself. Let’s see in this article what is and what is not the corner of calm.


What is NOT the corner of calm

The corner of calm is not a punishment space where children who have experienced a recent fight with a partner or something similar are sent. Nor is it a chair to sit and reflect on what has been done. And much less is it a place where we send the child to continue screaming or having his tantrums alone.

We do nothing when we do not teach the child to control his anger or when we get rid of his screams by closing a door to try not to hear him anymore. Children, in these cases, can even hurt themselves more, think that they are unloved people, feel ashamed of not being able to control themselves and / or even lower their self-esteem.

That is why none of this is the corner of calm.


What YES is the corner of calm

The corner of calm is a recreated space to make you feel calm just by entering . In this space there should be instruments, materials and tools that invite the child to calm down, such as:

  • Send them.
  • Sheets and crayons.
  • Soft dolls and balls.
  • Cushions
  • Teddies
  • Clay
  • Material for crafts.
  • Stories
  • Music.


The calm corner is also a space to talk about the emotion of anger . It is important to explain to the child that having anger is not bad or unnatural if you know how to control it.

Anger causes people to react to what they do not like, produces positive changes and alerts us to act. How many times have you not experienced a change in your life after anger?

If your child has a consistently irritating temper , let him know that he has two options: use it for or against himself. People who constantly feel anger are very optimistic people who drive changes in their life and in the lives of others.

Also, people who get angry easily are sincere and have no hidden feelings, which is good for their health and for relating to others. Because what is really sick is not channeled anger but repressed anger and that is why it is so important to teach and educate in the control of emotions.

Making a decision when you are going through a moment of anger is harmful, because you can act more out of emotion than reason. Therefore, in this sense, channeling anger so that the child himself learns to produce changes in things that he does not like or considers unfair, is the true purpose of the corner of calm.


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