Parents have less and less leisure time to dedicate to their children, and when these moments finally arrive, they don’t really know how to take advantage of them. In this sense, it is good to know that the practice of manual activities is considered one of the best resources to share as a family, because in addition to allowing us to be together, numerous physical, emotional and cognitive benefits are obtained.

There are moments in every child’s childhood that will be forever saved in his memory. And the happiest moments, those that as adults will be the best memories, those to which to turn in difficult moments in most cases …, are those lived in the company of parents .

For this reason, in a society in which leisure time is increasingly limited and time dedicated to children is little less than an impossible mission , resorting to crafts to make the most of those moments, which will be eternal, is an excellent option .




What crafts are the most advisable?

As parents we must think of a type of activity that attracts them , that is fun for them and that also makes them excited to see the work done . For our children to feel interested in the activity, we can resort to the following motivations.


  • A current topic

On certain dates you can carry out thematic activities related to a nearby event or party , for example, creating costumes for Christmas or Halloween . In this way, they will feel motivated and will work so that their effort is noticed at parties.


  • Age

The most appropriate age range must also be taken into account. Crafts for children generally include ages 6-12. But, of course, a 6-year-old may not be trained for some advanced crafts and, on the other hand, a 12-year-old may not be attracted to something excessively simple.


  • The personality

A third factor to consider is the curiosity and initiative, interest or attention that the child himself feels before an object, a practice or a certain activity. This can be a good way to start the little ones in some type of crafts . In this sense, they have very nice things at . A walk through your site, together with the little one or the little ones, can be really enlightening, it will provide us with knowledge about our children and they will choose the objects that most attract them .


  • Types of crafts

Fortunately, there is a more than wide variety of possibilities for children , so we will surely find something with which both parents and children can enjoy that time together.

We can make specific divisions for a better choice, taking into account both the material to be used, as well as the technique and creativity that a certain activity allows.


  • The creativity

Crafts related to costume jewelery, sewing, leather goods or patchwork allow great freedom to create your own designs , that is, to be very creative with your work.


  • The technique

According to the technique to be used, we highlight origami, papier-mâché, pickling, glass fusing, decoupage, stenciling, aging furniture …


  • The materials

Crafts allow you to use almost any object or material , ideal for recycling if we choose materials such as cardboard, bottles, straws, paper … We can also opt for other materials, such as cloth, paint, tweezers, wood, wool, eva rubber, felt …



Benefits for children in crafts

Indeed, children who perform manual activities entertain themselves in a fun way, they learn and develop in many physical, emotional and psychological aspects.


  • Physical benefits

The main benefits they receive on a physical level when they carry out manual activities are the improvement of coordination, the positive stimulation of the senses and the improvement of fine motor skills , that is, of the most subtle and small movements in which a greater precision.


  • Emotional benefits

In relation to the advantages they receive on an emotional level, it is worth highlighting the development of creativity and imagination , the ability to face problems, calibrate situations and choose the correct way to solve them.

In addition, it also improves their confidence and security in themselves when they recognize their ability to carry out the proposed projects. And, above all, it encourages affection , that is, it increases the relationship with family members, they feel good sharing time, ideas, work with their parents, siblings …



  • Cognitive benefits

Last but not least, the benefits that are directly related to brain activity are the help to improve concentration and to approach a problem from different perspectives.

The improvement of planning , therefore, also undergoes a positive development. They learn to divide any difficulty into phases and solve them one by one, which makes it easier to finish the projects started in an orderly manner.

In short, they manage to solve problems more easily , facing moments of frustration without fear and discipline.


Great post!
It is very important to encourage children to create and have fun with all kinds of crafts. In addition, with all the models and materials that exist, the possibilities are endless.
Thank you very much for spreading these ideas.

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