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A birthday is full of surprises from the theme to the cake, through the funniest games to enjoy the day in a special way.

Celebrating a birthday is always a reason for joy and happiness. Meeting with family , friends and with all the people we love is already a good memory, and if we are talking about celebrating the birthday of someone as important as a father , things get even more interesting!

Birthdays are a perfect occasion to share the best moments with those people who are part of our lives and in whom young and old alike can have fun. For this reason, today we come to tell you all the secrets you should know to celebrate Daddy’s next birthday with the best ideas and surprises.

Organizing a birthday is not easy, but if we have the invaluable help of the little ones in the house, we assure you that it will become a funniest activity, where we will find many activities to share good times and celebrate the anniversary as it truly deserves. .


In this way, in today’s post we will talk about some ideas that you can implement at any birthday party for a dad, with which to surprise him and show him your love and your desire to have fun by his side through different themes that are his. taste.

Theme parties

Theme parties are a resource that always works. If we want to surprise dad with a fun and entertaining party where everyone can participate , the best thing is to think of a theme that he likes and adapt it to the possibilities we have.

In this way, you can have a costume party , where children and adults are in charge of selecting their best characters to spend an afternoon with friends and family: Disney- themed, robbers and policemen, zombies , clowns, superheroes , Indians and cowboys … The options are endless and you will only have to worry about getting a super costume for the birthday dad so that everything goes perfectly.

A good list of games


There is no good party worth its salt without a good list of games to go to when the party has died down a bit. There are hundreds of games in which children and adults can form teams to enjoy the party to the fullest by doing a little sports, dancing or simply telling funny stories.

At a special birthday party for a father, you can play handkerchief, dodgeball or glitter if you are outdoors, to tag team races or relays. In addition, you can also include a lot of board games for all audiences, where you can have a good time a little quieter.

In the same way, you can also make water balloon wars , do roleplaying games with the costumes , play the typical game of chairs or make a slightly more elaborate ginkana where all the guests participate.

In matters of games for a birthday party there is nothing written, so you can let your imagination run wild and create incredible memories playing your favorite games.

An instant camera to immortalize moments

Another incredible idea to organize an incredible birthday party for dad is to give him an instant camera , which can be used to take photos within the party. In this way, birthday memories will be created in a natural and spontaneous way , with which, finally, you can put together an album signed by all attendees.

This, in addition to greatly encouraging the party, will also allow us to create a super original and unique gift , made by children and adults and that will become the best way to remember a most special birthday. In addition, you can also complement this gift with some funny wigs or accessories that can be used to obtain incredibly funny photos.

Prepare your favorite cake

Something that you cannot miss at a good birthday party is a cake . For this, the first thing we must be clear about is what is Dad’s favorite cake or sweet . Once we are clear on this, the whole family must gather around the kitchen to achieve an incredible, rich result that may surprise you.


In this way, we can also involve the smallest of the house, to help us make cookies , muffins , sweets and the richest cake we have ever prepared. With all this, we will get a perfect support for dad to blow out the candles and celebrate his birthday as he deserves it.

A piñata for the end

There is no good birthday with children if, in the end, there is no piñata to have fun with. This is a wonderful way for children and adults to gather around an object that the birthday dad must try to hit with his eyes closed.

In addition, within the piñata we can, in addition to sweets, candies and chocolates, including some funny items like whistles, masks, lights and everything that happens to us can be fun. Having a piñata on a birthday is always a good way to close a party , so we recommend you get one as soon as possible.

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