The habitat of the octopus

The octopus is a mollusk that lives at the bottom of the sea.

The octopus refuge

It is a secret animal, which hides between corals or rocks. The octopus is very attached to its territory, and only moves to look for its food. It comes out of its shelter and unfolds its eight long arms armed with suction cups, which can be up to eight meters long. Spread panic among fish, crabs and starfish!


The octopus throws itself on its prey, imprisons it between its tentacles and takes it to its refuge. There, before eating it, he paralyzes her with a poison that contains his saliva. When it returns to its hiding place, it hides and incubates its eggs calmly: it lays between 100,000 and 500,000 eggs.


The octopus has more than one trick to escape predators, such as large fish. It adopts the color of the ground on which it has settled and thus becomes invisible. But he can also bombard his enemies with a jet of black ink. This ink comes from a pocket on his belly.

Are there octopuses in the whole world?

We can find octopuses in the Mediterranean Sea, along the African coasts and throughout the Pacific Ocean. Giant octopuses live in the depths of the oceans. The sailors feared them, for these monsters could capture their ships with their long tentacles and drag them to the bottom of the sea.



Territory: an animal’s territory is a place reserved for itself, or for itself and its family.




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