In this article we are going to talk about something that you may have already experienced or will experience as a mother. Have you heard of young children’s mastitis ?

The excessive attachment of the child with the mother is a situation that is popularly known by the term mamitis, and it is nothing more than an anxiety that children have because of the separation they suffer when they are separated from their mother. It is considered that, as our children grow, they acquire new skills and need less help, becoming more independent. Obviously the mother wants to continue being there, for the simple fact that she wants to continue enjoying her children before they grow older, but an excess of overprotection can be detrimental to them.

If you are going through this situation, we give you some tips that you can put into practice so that your child gains independence and security.

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Tips you can put into practice

Children during their evolution go through stages. From the age of 2, the dependence on being with the mother at all times becomes much more pronounced. If, for example, his mother has to go to work and the child goes to daycare or we leave him at home only with his father, the child notices that he does not have the same security, so he cries or has a tantrum.

This situation is always complicated for the mother , because another terrible feeling is added to the feeling of attachment of her little one, which is that of having to leave him to be at work outside the home for hours. But let’s not kid ourselves: raising a child in a “bubble” can lead to problems that lead him to withdraw into himself, when the normal thing is that when he grows up, he wants to find more space and freedom in his life.

In order to help children overcome this stage we must:

  • Be patient with them.
  • Help them to be independent .
  • Gradually separate from them.

In cases where the child is very withdrawn or embarrassed and does not socialize with other children, we must help him to open up to the world and in this way he will acquire independence and develop his own personality , as well as the ability to think in different contexts and situations.

It is important that the father participates in the same way in this process of emotional empowerment that should occur in the child and not feel guilty because we want to give him wings and not allow him to be continuously by our side. At the end of the day, that he grows up and has the freedom to act for himself, it is just one more part of life that we will have to assume sooner or later.


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It is difficult to be a Mom and you learn something every day, thanks for the article it will help me since it costs a lot to let your children grow and be independent, since one always wants to overprotect and pamper them all the time, thank you for supporting the deficiencies that we have the moms

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