Riddles, in addition to being a traditional and charming type of text, have a particular appeal for the little ones. Why? Well, because of its sounds, its rhymes, its humorous tones … and, above all, because of that surprise factor that supposes guessing the result of them. As if it were a detective game, the little ones want to feel part of a whole, which means challenging themselves and mentally testing themselves, as the older ones do.

These fun word games , in addition to being excellent entertainment, help to develop very important skills and abilities, such as the development of logical sense or the increase and improvement of the level of vocabulary acquired.

Another benefit of riddles for the little ones is that they are very short, which allows children not to get impatient (something very common in them) and to discover the ending quickly and effectively, unlike in a story , where many times they are unable to calmly wait for the end. Its brevity also favors that they can be easily memorized by the little ones, which will delight them and will motivate them when transmitting these riddles to third parties.

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Other interesting benefits of riddles

  • They stimulate and exercise the imagination .
  • They promote the desire to learn new things.
  • They favor the development and association of ideas and concepts .
  • They stimulate the development of critical people .
  • They help discriminate and analyze information .
  • They stimulate the curiosity of the individual.


So for all those who doubt the value of riddles as effective classroom resources, there is nothing like knowing their myriad benefits. The important thing is always that the content of the riddles is adapted to the level of each class and they can be able to find the result without too much complication. In this way, in addition to learning and developing new skills, they can have a great time that completes cooperative work in the classroom in a very enriching way .

If, in addition, when using the riddles in class, we propose to the students games in which they can ask and answer each other, we will get twice the interest and motivation from them. Feel free to use riddle tiles with answers and have everyone play to guess riddles; Tokens like the ones we propose below, made exclusively by Bosque de Fantasías for all of you.

Download and print them for free!

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