During their growth and development, children go through many stages of doubt. They are always comparing themselves to others and often see themselves as inferior to other children or with more limited abilities. As parents we can compensate for this natural tendency in our children by giving them the necessary skills to think more positively .

To start in this it is very important that you listen to your children and help them overcome their negative thoughts and beliefs. This is, of course, something easier to do if, as a parent, you also don’t forget to practice positive thinking and apply it to your life consistently.


pensamientos positivos


We cannot save our children from everything, and that is something that we are seeing to a greater extent over time. Our world is full of negative comments and we cannot help it, but we can help our children, for example, by arming them with a positive attitude so that they can stay focused in the right direction and survive with a better spirit to setbacks and stones of the way .



How to react to negativity with positive responses


  • I can not do it

Take your time and try again, I have confidence in you. Every day you show me that you know and that you are willing to learn to do new things. Things almost never go the first time because the good is made waiting.


  • My partner hates me

Children sometimes face rejection from their peers and that can hurt a lot. Do not forget to remind your little one, if this happens to him, that he is a very kind child and a wonderful person, no matter what his partner or anyone else says or does. Many times others have or think they have problems with us, but they are their own perceptions in which we have nothing to do.


  • I’m just not good at it

Children tend to underestimate themselves, especially when it comes to their academic abilities. Always remind your children that they can learn from failure and try again, and that no one is good at everything they do. Think about what he masters the most and remind him of his most outstanding abilities so that he can find the necessary motivation .


  • How clumsy I am… I will never learn!

It is difficult to learn something new and the feeling of not being able can be applied to a multitude of daily activities in life, such as learning to ride a bike, rollerblading … When this happens, think about other activities that you have learned and remind your child that That feeling is normal and he also had it the other time and was able to overcome it.



The need to practice positive thinking

Discussing and practicing positive thinking and self-esteem at home with children on a regular basis is very important, because it will depend on whether or not children learn as soon as possible not to block themselves and to exceed their goals. Unfortunately, these subjects are not yet included in the school curriculum, but perhaps one day they can be included effectively for the benefit of the little ones and the whole of society.

There are very good books written for children, as well as for adults, that demonstrate the use of positive thinking and its benefits , so do not hesitate to get hold of them. Reading a book as a family is a good launching pad to start a conversation on this or any other topic. Pointing out positive and negative attitudes in the news or storytelling is a great way to show your kids how everything works in real life.


educar en positivo


Modeling a positive attitude is one of the most effective ways to teach our children. Children learn what they live, so start to organize and show your thoughts in a positive way. Parents always expect their children to have a positive outlook on life, but most of the time this is left to chance and is not practiced by example, which is critical. When parents are absolutely clear about this need, we can effectively guide the thoughts of the youngest , and we will finally do so in a positive direction, with fewer doubts and with very interesting results.

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