8 signs to know if you are a good nursery teacher

If you have wondered if a career in education could be a good option for you and you are not sure, or if you already dedicate yourself to it and need to confirm that it is your life’s work … this article is for you. Although it is always a scary thing to decide on a profession, there are certain actions that can be taken to reduce risk and increase confidence and the percentage of success in the choice. Professional aptitude tests and researching potential outcomes are a great way to do this. Another of the best research methods is to listen to people walking in the same direction , knowing first-hand what the job entails and what you will need to be successful.

If you are already a teacher of early childhood and you still have doubts about whether it is the job that best suits your personality, or if you stand out doing what you do every morning, do not miss the following traits that experienced professionals in education of the They say that anyone who is dedicated to this world must have if they want a successful career.






You are (or could be) a great childhood teacher if …


  • You handle stress well

Life as a preschool teacher can be a bit hectic. Between huge amounts of paperwork, constant changes in the curriculum and communication with parents, in addition to daily responsibilities and changing needs of students… you will always be on your toes. Therefore, in order not to waver, it is vital to effectively manage your own stress. Don’t forget that educators are role models and need to master their tone of voice , their facial expressions, and choose their words carefully.

When you feel stressed, make sure the children are safe and are sitting quietly nearby. If they misbehave and expect a reaction, your silence can motivate them to stop what they are doing and see what is happening. Who knows? Perhaps your calm demeanor has a calming effect on children as well.



  • You are a good communicator

Working with children is a collaborative exercise and good communication is key between teachers, parents, and other educational professionals. Therefore, being a strong communicator is essential and requires a high dose of empathy . Empathy is essential to understanding how children feel when they are upset and struggling to express themselves. Since a child’s mood can change from one moment to the next, empathic behavior will help you treat the child effectively for his age. A strong sense of empathy will also come in handy when communicating with parents.



  • You are open minded

Since each child is unique, the best teachers make an effort to get to know each student as an individual, whether they are outgoing or more reserved students. Being open-minded to the different strengths and opportunities for each child is vital, as each child is different and will respond in different ways. If one approach doesn’t work, be open to new ideas.

In addition to personality differences, it is important to recognize how students’ cultural practices and traditions may differ from each other to create culturally sensitive classrooms. Feel free to seek information on the different cultures and traditions of the students’ own families , as this will help avoid misunderstandings and assumptions. Your interest in the cultures and traditions of others can be a great strength of your own, and will make your classroom a rich and multicultural space, full of tolerance, respect and trust.



  • You are extraordinarily patient

Can you stay calm in stressful situations? Do you understand when a child has trouble buttoning his coat in winter and the zipper gets stuck? Whether you are a naturally patient person or have learned and exercised for years to improve, always remember that patience is essential for early childhood educators . Your patience will allow you to handle unpredictable moments more easily. Use every frustrating moment as an opportunity to practice your patience.



  • You love children

You love being around children and you understand them, which is very important for an early childhood educator. Part of understanding children means also understanding how to help them learn appropriate behaviors or distinguish and recognize inappropriate ones. Because of this, and because you understand them so well, you don’t expect a three-year-old to act like an adult and you know how to use positive strategies to help them grow.





  • You are a creative person

Teaching can be chaotic and the day doesn’t always turn out the way you expected. So when things don’t go as planned, it is important to be optimistic and resourceful (very important qualities for a teacher), to think creatively, and to use available materials and resources . For example, if a child wants to play with watercolors but there aren’t any or another partner has them, you can convince them that colored pencils can be just as fun for an art project.



  • You are a resourceful person

Every day can be a creative brainstorming for you, and you always find a way to make them come true. Teachers do not always have much control over the school budget and what they can buy, therefore, teachers who love the profession are continuously recycling and collecting objects to give them a second life, they look for stores with important offers … They are attentive, in definitively, to everything that the world can offer to help and motivate its students.



  • You have a facility for relationships

In the world of early childhood education, you have to work with a wide variety of people: children, family members, co-workers, supervisors, community members and legal entities… which constitutes a true daily effort. That is why connection and sociability are essential, as it will be necessary for you to find valid common ground to deal with problems with such different groups and to be able to collaborate, work and commit to working as a team with everyone for the good of the children.

Additionally, relationships within a classroom are the foundation for student learning, so being able to build strong relationships between students and teachers can also help create a safe learning environment.


If you see many of these qualities in you … congratulations! Because they are an almost unequivocal sign that your enthusiasm for the profession will make the students the ones who enjoy true success, which is none other than to grow and make them happy. Wanting the best for students is having the potential that every great teacher should have.

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