December arrives and with it Christmas. For some children it will be the first time that they live it consciously and it is an opportunity to work on the illusion and love at home, perhaps through these beautiful stories. Look them up on the Internet and in big book houses that ship to almost any country.

And of course, sit with them and rediscover the magic …


  1. Stories to prepare for Christmas : An Advent calendar book

  • Béatrice Garel, Ed. SM
  • Twenty-four animal stories, each with a gift in the form of an ornament to decorate the tree. A lovely way to look forward to Christmas Eve: by reading. It can be a perfect pre-gift for children.
  1. The great book of magical gifts

  • Nathalie Choux, ED. YE
  • On the cover they already warn us: “The gifts that will make you dream the most are those that don’t exist.” Inside they show it to us with a long list of gifts that test our imagination and that will surely surprise the smallest of the house and us in equal parts: a soccer ball that does not break anything, edible plasticine, a trip to the North Pole with Father Nöel… A beautiful lesson that makes it clear that the material is not always what is most enjoyed. Surely you play at home to invent fantastic gifts that cannot be touched.
  1. Snow dreams

  • Eric Carle, Ed. Kokinos
  • A different, interactive book that has transparencies, a surprise button, lights and even music to tell us a story that includes a farmer, five animals, a tree and a snowy dream. Magic and sounds at Christmas.
  1. When Matías wanted to pee on Twelfth Night

  • Chema Heras, Ed. SLKalandraka Editoras
  • Matías wants to pee in the middle of Twelfth Night and his father had made it clear to him that the children who receive gifts are the ones who are asleep. A funny vision of this event from the eyes of a child makes up this ideal story to give on these dates.


  1. Pablo Diablo’s fabulous Christmas

  • Francesca Simon, Ed. SM
  • The mischievous character of Pablo Diablo turns Christmas into an unusual adventure in which we will see how the school play and the improvised list of gifts from his family end. A perfect adventure for children from 6 to 9 years old.
  1. Under a snowy roof at Christmas

  • Teresa Zatarían Martín, Ed. Creotz Editions
  • Four stories and a poem that remind us that a world of illusion appears in every detail of Christmas. Beautiful between prose and verse , it can be given to children from 3 years.
  1. The best christmas

  • Chen Chih-Yuan, Ed. Thule Editions
  • This book is for older children who already know who is really behind the Christmas presents. A true and hard story that is enveloped by love and the magic of illusion. Simple, beautiful and with a truly moving message, it can become an unforgettable book.

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