How to face going back to school at home with these 6 tips

  1. Prepare the material

From the backpack to the pencils, the material that the child is going to use during the course must be chosen, bought, named and covered, in the case of books. He should choose it, because it will be what he sees for many hours. New releases always make us excited, and except for some detail that can be recycled from one year to another, almost everything will have to be replaced because the course is very long and almost nothing comes alive until June. Let’s make this ritual a fun and creative experience, let’s use stickers and decorations that make his things unique and that “comfort” him the first days back at school.

  1. Organize meals

Let’s use the food as a claim when I get home. A good idea is for the family to get together on the weekend to make or, at least, guide the weekly menu. You have to take into account the opinion of all the members and at the same time teach the little ones that you have to balance your diet and you cannot eat the same thing every day. You will be surprised how they react and suggest. This is very positive because they see interest in their tastes and when they come home from school they will enjoy the dishes they have designed themselves. Uhmmm, how good!

  1. Friends return

Practically the best thing about going back to class is the reunion with the classmates from last year. After a long and adventurous summer comes the best of all: your friends are waiting to tell you about their holidays and what they missed you. You have to catch up and that already entertains them until they finish adjusting to the routine.

  1. A new course, new challenges

They grew up and start a new course. You have to tell them that they will learn new things because they are older. It is also possible that changes in teachers, subjects or a new classroom, arouse their curiosity and stimulate their return to school. Surely there is a new partner who, who knows, will end up being a good friend.

la vuelta al colegio de los niños


  1. Extracurricular, reunion or novelty

If your child was already going to an activity outside of class that he liked, it will be a pleasure to return to it and see the children who were with him again. And if not, it may be the perfect time to start with a discipline that you like or attract your attention. The beginning of something that excites you: a sport, theater, painting, photography, dance, languages, a group of scouts, swimming … you can try and choose what you prefer.

  1. It’s no use complaining about going back to work: set an example

Be careful with what we say, if our son sees that we are only complaining about the end of the holidays, he will get infected and see his return to school as something negative. We must be positive, an order and a routine make us feel calm, rested and ready, both us and our children. And there is always the weekend to enjoy regardless of the hours while we make fun and novel plans.

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