Studying and establishing the subjects studied is much easier than it may seem. It is true that sometimes you have to face the feeling of laziness and that the tight time gets in the way of the student, however, using the right study techniques , the goal becomes really affordable for everyone.

In the Superprof blog we are aware of the need to organize efficiently and apply the ideal methods, so we offer you the most recommended techniques.


The best study techniques

  • Combine work with rest. There is no use saturating the mind with a lot of data for long periods that last hours. It is best to face the task with a fresh mind and as rested as possible, so it is recommended not to give up the recommended 8 hours of sleep and follow stable schedules. Don’t forget to organize your study time so that you enjoy short rest periods between hours. In this sense, it is also very positive to combine the study of different subjects in the same day.

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  • Never give up practical exercises. Sometimes we fall into the error of, out of laziness, avoiding doing exercises or solving questionnaires because it is more comfortable for us to read the agenda over and over again. In reality, this is a more tedious job and one that increases the risk of deconcentration reducing the effectiveness of the study.
  • When we are dealing with strictly theoretical subjects we can also make our study practical. In these cases, don’t just underline and summarize . Use these summaries as a script to explain the entire content out loud to someone else or yourself. It is a method that will confront you with new questions that you will have to resolve by going to the notes or the book, establishing more and more information.
  • Take on challenges and don’t settle. If you already control the class exercises and you feel comfortable at that level, don’t settle for that thinking that it will be enough to pass. Take a leap to the next level with more complex exercises or quizzes and ensure not just a pass, but a grade to be proud of. When facing greater challenges, you are irreversibly establishing the simplest contents, so that this knowledge becomes something that is part of you and not just memorized information that you will forget when you leave the exam. If you don’t know how to access higher-level exercises, you can ask for them in class or request them from your private teacher, which you can find on the Superprof private classes portal .
  • Combining subjects is good . Rest is very important. If you pound on a subject for hours without stopping, you are making a mistake. Experts recommend separating the hours of study of the same subject so that the study is more effective. It is not recommended to focus only on one subject. In this way, if you have a problem with any subject, by leaving it to start with another you will be able to find the solution to the problems that have arisen in the study.



Be confident in your abilities

Facing the study with fear of exams and with insecurities is a sure path to failure. Think that if you prepare well, you will have no problem passing the tests they give you, and that if luck is not on your side that day you can repeat the exam at another time.

Always believe in your vocation and put passion in what you are studying, this will be the key to achieving success and achieving better results . If you think that you cannot prepare yourself, trust professionals who can help you. There are portals that work to prepare all the content with you. If you don’t trust yourself, with this help everything will be much easier and you will be less overwhelmed. A private teacher will make your study hours productive and thus, not wasting time. In addition, the classes are personalized, which will be perfect for you and you will be able to study according to your needs or answer any questions you have. You will not have to go to the rhythm of a class of twenty people in which the teacher follows a dynamic that is not for you, each student has needs when studying .


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Private tutors can also teach you some study techniques to improve your performance when preparing for your exams. Do not forget to prepare for the exams in advance, last minute efforts usually do not pay well . The calls cause anxiety and this conditions the study, so it is convenient to start studying well in advance.

Studying in advance will give you time to prepare your own notes, underlining and summarizing the highlights in your own words will help you remember them more easily. Summarize without leaving any keywords out.

I want to thank you for the article, it served me a lot. I liked the part about not forgetting the importance of rest, because sometimes in an effort to cover as much as possible, we saturate the head with information and it is more difficult to retain it. I liked underlining and summarizing because that way we can retain better. I remember a saying that says that “repetition is the mother of retention.” In my case, I learn Chinese at Hanyu Chinese School, and I will apply the advice to my study

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