The butterfly’s trunk

The butterfly uses its trunk to suck the nectar from the flowers.


The butterfly has two pairs of wings covered with tiny colored scales. It also has three pairs of legs, two large faceted eyes and two antennae that are its organs of touch and smell. Its mouth is provided with a spirally wound trunk. The butterfly unfolds it to suck the nectar from the flowers. Its length varies, depending on the species, between a few millimeters and 30 centimeters.

True artists

The wings of the butterfly are made up of scales less than a thousandth of a millimeter! Look at them with a magnifying glass or under a microscope. They are superimposed like the tiles of a roof. If you touch them, they easily come off in the form of dust. The colors are produced by the insect itself and form true polychrome works of art.

Species in the world

Despite their fragility, butterflies are among the oldest animals on Earth. Their number is considerable, as there are about 170,000 species in the world. They live both in tropical rainforests and in arctic regions, at sea level or in the mountains, sometimes at 3,300 meters of altitude.


Polychrome : A polychrome drawing is a drawing that has several colors. A polychrome butterfly has various colors on its wings.


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