Mathematics is necessary and one of the central elements of a quality education . However, many wonder what mathematics is for in real life, because the role of mathematics in everyday life can be rather subtle.

Many of us begin to have a negative relationship with mathematics from an early childhood. However, this subject can be improved with work and with the necessary support, such as math classes in Barcelona taught with a good private tutor, such as those available at BuscaTuProfesor . A good tutor can help children to forge a better relationship with numbers, and this is very important to achieve, because the truth is that we all use mathematics for daily life in many ways.

Do you want to know them?



When cooking, we all do an incredible series of mental calculations at an unbridled speed. This act is so intuitive that we don’t even realize what we are doing, but the truth is that we use a lot of math concepts to follow a recipe.

For example, you have to understand arithmetic and proportions to use ingredients . It is also necessary to use fractions, percentages and radii. Thus, adapting a recipe so that it is enough for twice as many people, or half, requires a quick series of accounts.




But for other kitchen activities, like baking, the math can be even more important, as baking and pastry recipes involve precise ingredient ratios that must be maintained for everything to turn out right.


Physical activity

It may seem strange, but the truth is that athletes and sportsmen use mathematics in everyday life almost constantly. And in fact, we all do the same thing every time we walk or move in any direction.

For example, to score a goal, a footballer must calculate the distance between the ball and the goal. You must estimate the force needed to move the ball to the arc and calculate the exact point at which to apply the force to send it at the correct angle. He must also track the position of the other players and the goalkeeper, their speed, as well as estimate the position they will be in when the ball reaches the goal. Ultimately, there are a dozen arithmetic problems that must be solved in a fraction of a second.


Time management

Another way in which we all use math in everyday life is in time management. Keeping a mental schedule and managing our time requires a complex series of arithmetic calculations and estimates.

For example, you need to use algebra and statistical projections to estimate how long an activity can last . We imagine multiple scenarios, we add up the time they would take… So we can estimate that an activity will last at least 10 minutes or at most 20 if something goes wrong.

And on any given day we do similar calculations dozens of times!





When we go shopping, we all tend to stick to a budget. In order not to exceed the card limit, or what we have in the bank account, we must maintain a precise mental calculation of objects and prices.

For this reason, when buying, we carry out a series of basic algebra operations , not to mention all the mathematical calculation that we carry out when comparing some products with others, such as calculating price and weight ratios to find the best offers per kilo. , for example, and make a smart purchase.


What other uses of mathematics do you find in everyday life?


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