We solve reading problems with the Glifing method

Learning to read is not a natural event for children as learning to speak is, in fact, many of the learning problems that exist are due to problems with reading . And since it is not a natural process, neurons do not have mechanisms that facilitate this activity. For this reason, reading difficulty has a neurobiological origin that can be improved by training the brain thanks to its plasticity.

One of these trainings are the practices that promote phonological awareness to facilitate the learning of reading, and that is precisely the Glifing method , which is a methodology with didactic and dynamic exercises with which it is possible to improve speed and reading comprehension, improve academic performance and increase the child’s self-esteem.





Glifing method exercises to solve reading problems

As we can see, the Glifing method has been developed as a dynamic way to improve the reading level of the little ones through play. This means that, in a dynamic way, children can improve their reading comprehension and read more fluently , even if they are children with problems such as dyslexia, ADHD or other specific language disorders . But what kind of games and exercises can we find exactly based on the Glifing method?


  • Word search exercises

The method emphasizes using short words that do not have more than two or three syllables as they are easier for learning. Several words are selected and separated into syllables, then shuffled and the child is asked to find the hidden words.


  • Image and spelling association

What is sought with this exercise is for the child to develop the ability to associate images with the appropriate word . For example, the child can be shown a picture of a table and given a group of words to find the correct one such as table, table, sema, same.


  • Find your partner

In this game, two columns are made, one with images and the other with words. The idea is that the child looks at the picture and finds the correct word for that picture. At the end the child will have a column of images with their respective word next to it.



Who can use the Glifing method?


  • This method can be applied by pedagogical offices that offer services to relatives who seek to treat their children’s reading difficulties and improve academic performance.


  • This method and its games are also divided into reading levels, so it must be known before starting what the specific level of each child is, which should not necessarily be linked to the level that is followed in class but to the true personal level .


  • Once the level has been chosen, the children will find up to 30 missions to complete with entertaining games and activities, all accompanied by a friendly dragon that accompanies the children during their journey giving all the necessary instructions.


  • It can also be used by teachers in the classroom or incorporated into schools as a method for group reinforcement of reading ability. And if you want to guarantee the inclusiveness of all students, it can be offered as a leveling method for those students who have greater difficulty in reading.




  • It is a method that is used to train in the lexical path, work on phonology or practice and enhance memory, in addition to improving the level of understanding of what is read, so it is definitely a suitable activity for any child, read better or worse or are just starting out.


  • Parents can promote the Glifing method at home, since on the internet they will find web portals with exercises, video games and blogs that facilitate learning and the application of the method, and it is that the role and support of adults in the success of this method It will be fundamental , as well as very important to move towards an adequate level of reading during childhood.

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