The Pyrenees are the mountains that separate Spain and France

Difficult to cross

The Pyrenees stretch from east to west, from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. They separate the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) from the south of France and Europe. They form a high and compact barrier that is quite difficult to cross. The height of their peaks is considerable, except near the seas.

Young mountains

The Pyrenees were born a little earlier than the Alps and are somewhat less high: the highest point, the Aneto peak, is 3404 meters high. It is enough to have large snowfalls, so it is considered one of the best areas for skiing for its large stations.

Birth of the Pyrenees

Long ago, the Iberian Peninsula was glued to Great Britain! Then it began to pivot and, after 100 million years, it collided with southern Europe. The sediments in the contact zone were compressed and rose upwards, giving rise to the Pyrenees.


Pivot: Rotate with a rotational movement about a fixed point. The head pivots on the neck.

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