3 ideas to develop creativity and art in children

Picasso used to say: “All children are born artists , the problem is how to continue being artists as they grow up” … And, in effect, the routine, the rules and the limits imposed by society and customs kill the most innocent creative spirit .

“Don’t get out of line”, “The sun is yellow, why are you painting it blue?”, “Don’t draw there, do it in your notebook, that’s what it is for” … And so, little by little, we are undermining the ideas that the smallest minds bring us; that new sap that could change the world, with its perspective intact and different, not conditioned like ours.

If we realized that only from freedom can create, and that a creative adult is a happy child who did not grow up, and that creativity is what is needed to invent things and advance in the world … everything would be very different for change what is useless, to promote new paths and other ways of understanding things , surely better and more in line with the new times … If we realized all that, surely we would let our children run wild with their imaginations , in fact, we would worry that they had at hand what they needed to give free rein to their artistic spirit: clay, paintings, canvases, walls or any paper, real or improvised musical instruments, a stage between the two armchairs in the living room, music of all kinds, and the to claim us.

If all this is not enough to convince you that the child must be encouraged in his artistic development , here are some proven reasons why, according to the experts, it is very healthy to do so:

Through art the intellectual capacities of the child are increased

By recognizing the environment without limitations, they can more consciously enjoy it and realize its diversity, which broadens their mental horizon. It is also important that you understand that you can transform your surroundings, that opens an infinite world of possibilities. There the role of parents as companions is fundamental, not as delimiters.

Increase and improve communication between parents and children

Sharing plasticine, brushes, dances, costumes or any type of artistic expression, unites more than we can imagine. It is like traveling together to the unknown, to the world of our imagination, and that causes the affective bond to increase significantly. They will always remember who played with them by letting them be themselves.

They start to know who they are

Through their creations they begin to know each other, to know their tastes and preferences, to define themselves as people. That gives them security and raises their self-esteem. Seeing the differences with others is also enriching, because they learn to respect and know other ways of seeing the world, just as important as theirs, which will make them tolerant adults and open to new initiatives.

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