Children who grow up with their grandparents are happier

The emotional bond that is created in the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is one of the strongest and most durable that can exist. It is fortunate that both enjoy: the grandparents when they already missed the antics and innocence of their children, and the grandchildren because they find warmth, understanding, complicity and a lot of calm in beings who adore them above all else. Just as they adored their children, only now they have infinite patience, all the time in the world and freedom not to worry, in addition to pampering, like grandparents that they are.

These are some of the advantages of this interaction:

Generational leap beneficial

Learning things that are not so current anymore, listening to stories from years ago , feeling the passage of time and understanding that the world has not always been like this … is necessary for humanity to be more considerate. This starts from the earliest childhood, when you spend the evenings or weekends with your grandparents. And they get their dose of vitality and take a few years off.

They understand almost everything

They say that when you are a father you learn to be a son, and that when you are a grandfather you learn to be a father. Whether or not it is true, the truth is that a grandfather is patient and loving above all things . They have lived and experienced firsthand that there are no absolute truths and that sometimes it is better to laugh than to scold. They are the perfect confidants and experts in pampering.

niños con sus abuelos

Capable of the impossible

Playing football when you no longer almost remember what it is to run, cook your grandson’s favorite dish late at night, let yourself be disguised as anything or transform the house into an ideal fortress to hide. Grandparents know no limits when it comes to making their grandson happy . Tireless companions, they will have fun like no one with the children’s occurrences and they will not mind repeating and repeating the same answer to the same question a thousand times.

They stop time

In the grandparents’ house, everything is calmer and without pressure . This for the child is an oasis in the midst of the daily routine and acceleration. Spending time with grandparents is a balm that helps keep your little one in good spirits.

They mediate between parents and children

They are the perfect mediator when there are conflicts. They listen to both parties and, out of love, intervene to bring positions closer together and make them reflect . Parents appreciate a fair and loving referee when tension looms, and children can be relieved by counting their sorrows and getting advice or counsel. It is certain that they will be able to solve the problem and bring them closer again.

Parents should allow grandparents to treat their grandchildren with freedom, as long as they do not see each other daily or live together, since then it would be convenient for some daily rules to be followed, with a few small exceptions, so that children do not get confused or stray too far from their daily routines.

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