Summer camps for children

Summer is coming and with it the school holidays. Suddenly the children, until now busy with school and extracurricular activities, have a lot of free time ahead of them that as parents have to be organized since, generally, we continue working and it is quite difficult for us to combine the day to day with the care of our children.

The options to entertain you in the summer season are very varied: visit the family, make excursions to nearby places, take advantage of the cultural and leisure offer in the city, travel to other countries depending on our budget and, of course, make use of the always welcome summer camps.

There are camps for all tastes: languages, sports, adventure, nature, themes … We will choose according to the age and preferences of the child and always counting on your opinion, since only then will you feel motivated and comfortable in this experience. From approximately five to almost eighteen years of age, we will find countless organizations that carry out this type of summer activities in which the advantages are numerous. Take note of them and don’t let your kids get bored this summer!

  • More independence: living outside the home with other people will undoubtedly mature the child and stimulate his sense of responsibility.
  • More self-esteem: knowing that you are capable of being away from home and using your own resources will increase your security and therefore your self-esteem, much more than any congratulations you have received before.
  • Learning to live together: this aspect is very important as it helps them understand that playing is not just spending time with friends. You have to share the space, take turns, sleep and eat together, create, listen to opinions and decide together. An invaluable lesson in coexistence that will make them more tolerant and respectful.
  • Get away from technology: Realizing that you can live without depending on your computer, game console, phone or tablet, is priceless for your development. Being away from the “virtual world” can mark a before and after in the family environment. Seeing life without a screen nearby will surely be very enriching and almost innovative in our days.
  • Experiencing freedom: not having mom or dad around at first can be strange, but it can also end up being liberating for them, as well as a different feeling that will make them grow as more and more mature people, and to value what they have in the distance around it.
  • Learn something new: be it a language that they will live intensely, know and take care of animals in their natural environment, survival tricks, cooking, crafts or even dynamics and new games for them, this is the ideal opportunity to learn and evolve with something they did not know. or perfecting a sport they already practice, in the case of sports camps.

campamentos niños

If after listing the advantages you still have doubts, it should be added that, for us parents, it can also be a break from daily obligations, allowing us that much-needed time to enjoy the couple and / or plan those activities that we want and we always postpone due to lack of time or fatigue. Relax, the children will be well cared for and happy. If not, those responsible will notify you immediately.

And it is that in summer you only have to worry about charging the batteries for when they return full of anecdotes and, most importantly, with a different look because something will have changed inside. Ready to listen to their battles?

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