Why protect flowers

We must take care of and protect the flowers so that they do not disappear.

Attention to nature

There are more and more inhabitants on Earth and each year men need more space to live, stay and circulate. They build houses, buildings, supermarkets, highways… Cities grow and progressively eat up the forests and flower fields.

Each flower is unique

Some well-known and rare species of flowers receive special protection. If you go for a walk in the mountains and you find a beautiful little flower covered in white fluff, with fleshy leaves, it is an edelweis. Above all, don’t ever take it. More ordinary flowers in appearance can also be beautiful. Surely you have seen thoughts many times, wild or cultivated. And yet some species of thoughts have already disappeared from the planet for not having protected them.

Ecological bouquets

Do not believe that it is forbidden to make beautiful bouquets or to arrange flowers. But avoid picking wild flowers, especially if you don’t know them: they may be rare, protected or poisonous flowers! It is not worth trampling on flowery meadows or picking up flowers that quickly fade, such as poppies. Specialists believe that at least 60,000 plant species will have disappeared or will be on the way to extinction by the middle of the 21st century if man does not conserve them better.



Extinction: an endangered species is in danger, and due to its scarcity, it is a species that can disappear if it is not properly protected.

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