How to involve children in the Christmas menu: 5 easy recipes

recetas de navidad para niños I do not know about you but I still do not know a child who does not love to get into the kitchen . Mine, at the age of three, enters with his chair hanging from his arm and goes up to see everything. It is one of his favorite entertainments: to bring me the oranges for the juice or to place the croquettes that are already wrapped. See how the bubbles begin to rise in the saucepan when the water boils or how the meat is browned on the grill.

The kitchen, always with the necessary precautions, logically, can be a perfect learning classroom. Children learn that everything takes a process and a care. They observe the transformation of the food and the measurements of each ingredient. While we cook we can talk about the group to which these foods belong or whether they contain vitamins or proteins, for example. Also reviewing colors and numbers is a good idea. They love that we tell them new things and they will surely memorize all the data we give them to repeat later.

It is a great time to share with them and I recommend taking them to the kitchen often. Little by little and according to their age, we will share the recipes with them. They will be dedicated helpers and more serious than you imagine. Then you will see how it is easier for them to eat what they “cook”. Do not delay in buying them an apron and you will appreciate having such a willing assistant, for sure.

During this Christmas season, people usually cook a lot, and having the children prepare the recipes that we will share with the family is great. Involving them means that they will be aware of the effort and work involved in the dishes that we then eat in five minutes. They learn to value from their own experience, which is the most effective way of not forgetting what they have learned. They also live the party and the celebration directly as one more even if they are small. This makes them feel loved, appreciated and part of the family nucleus.

So think of some simple work that they can do without difficulty and take it on. Feeling responsible makes them more formal, you can rest assured that they will accomplish their task.

Apart from what you have planned to eat this Christmas, we propose some very colorful ideas for children to do easily. Which one do you dare to?


1.Reindeer cheese

recetas para niños

2.Pancake christmas trees

recetas de navidad fáciles para niños

3.Boiled egg snowmen

recetas fáciles para navidad

Everything looks delicious, so… let’s get to work!

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